Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Four Years Old

Today marks the fourth birthday of Kaylee Ruth Blackwell.  I love this girl.  Her big sister, Kelsey is in the background of this picture, and as you can tell, is much older.  Kaylee is a true blessing and if her brother, Brock, hadn't been born almost six years ago, we wouldn't have Kaylee.  After the Brock "surprise," Beth and Kelly (Mommy and Daddy) decided to have another one so Brock wouldn't be alone, given his brother and sister were teenagers.  Two years later, Kaylee was born.  This picture is from last year's Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday party and her "Ariel" birthday party is this weekend.

I have a lot of adopted nieces and nephews.  Being an only child and single, I don't have children and no true nieces and nephews by marriage.  So when sweet ones like this cutie call me "Aunt Rose," I melt.

Yesterday her Mom called to share this conversation she and Kaylee had that morning...

Kaylee:  Mommy, do you have any sisters?
Mommy:  No, Kaylee, I just have one brother, Uncle Dave.
Kaylee:  I have a sister!
Mommy:  Yes, you do.  You know, Mommy has someone that is like a sister.  You know Aunt Rose?  
Kaylee:  Yes!
Mommy:  You call her Aunt Rose because I love her like she is my sister.  Even though we have different parents, we're like sisters.  
Kaylee:  YAY, we have TWO sisters!

Doesn't get much more precious than that folks. 

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