Friday, January 03, 2014

2014: Be Intentional

In lieu of resolutions, the hip new thing to do these days is to don a word as your "One Word" of the year and focus on that as it permeates your life.  Since I can't say my name in less than 5 minutes, I have opted for One Phrase.  Last year, I chose the phrase "It's Yours, Lord" and looking back on that year in light of my phrase, it has taught me much.  

For 2014, I began thinking and praying about my phrase in December.  One day while driving down the road, and coupled with other events of my life at that time, I settled upon "Be Intentional."  The word "intentional" means "done on purpose, deliberate" and seems pretty straightforward.  But being intentional isn't easy.

With the hustle and bustle of life, being intentional is tough.  This past year I went back to school to get my MBA.  Although all my classes are online, the time I have to devote to my studies has cut into other intentional things I previously had more than enough time to accomplish.  I promised myself I wouldn't compromise my life (too much) by going back to school and end up in a hermitized state.  Thankfully I haven't but it has taken its toll.  I also lost my Dad, my rock, my only surviving parent.  I wouldn't trade any moment I spent with him the year before he passed, or any year before that.  I'll treasure those memories forever.  Along with his loss, so many of my friends encountered loss of loved ones this past year.  A simple phrase was uttered by one of my Mom's dearest friends who is like another Mom to me, "Time is fleeting."  Well said, Martha, well said.  

So in 2014 I'm being intentional.  You may ask, "What does that look like?"  I'm not entirely sure.  I know I want to be more expressive in sharing how I feel to those I love.  I want to be an unexpected blessing to those who may need the encouragement.  I want to do the little things that are done behind the scenes that nobody sees but mean the world to the person on the receiving end.  I have some specific ideas that I'll withhold from public consumption and hope that the results are significant enough to share in my 2014 recap.  

I encourage everyone to pick a word, a phrase, something to permeate your life in 2014.  You won't regret. it.  

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