Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The $15 Complete Beauty Treatment

I've been to more Mary Kay parties than I can count.  I've done Aveda classes to learn about the best skin treatments for my face.  I've used every brand known to man.  Yet, I have a beauty regiment that only costs you $15 and the different products will last for a month or more.

I always get complimented for my young-looking complexion.  I really have to thank my Mom and Dad for great genes.  My Mom had a wonderfully smooth skin texture and I inherited that smoothness.  My Dad had Cherokee Indian blood in him that I inherited and he looked extremely young for his age.  His older sister, my Aunt Goldie, looks about 70 and she's 93.  So most of the credit goes to God for allowing me to come from a great gene pool.  But, if you are looking for a simple, gentle way to cleanse and moisturize your face for a mere $15, you're about to find out.

Follow along for your frugal path to facial freedom...

Step 1 - Product: Huggies Cucumber Green Tea Baby Wipes
Though used for babies, these wipes are gentle and refreshing due to their ingredients.  They are also superb for travel as well.  Use these to remove eye makeup and to prep your face for cleansing.  

Step 2 - Product:  Pond's Cold Cream
This cold cream has been around since the late 1800s (yep you read that right), and it has worked for over 100 years to clean the face of many a woman.  Once you've prepped with your Huggies Wipe, use the cold cream to deep cleanse your face. 

Step 3 - Product:  Curel Moisturizing Lotion
Of all the moisturizers on the market, Curel is by far my favorite.  It's like the Dove of lotions.  It's gentle enough for your face, yet strong enough to moisturize any part of your body.  After the cold cream cleanse, apply the moisturizing lotion to your face. 

That's it!  Three steps, $15.  Simple and effective.  And, you're welcome.

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