Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best Wedding Dance Ever

Turn on any news or entertainment show and you'll see the latest wedding dance video going viral on the internet.  This video of a Mother and Son dance is by far my favorite....and probably partly because I know and love this family.  Pippa (the Mom) is the daughter of two of the sweetest people I knew before they went on to their home in Heaven.  They were great friends of my parents and there is something quite comforting knowing all four are now there together having an amazing time.  Pete (the Son) I've know since he was little and is handsome and smart all in the same package.  I'm besties with his sister, Amy, and adore all his other siblings as well.  The family has a love and unity that the world needs more of...and when you watch this dance, you'll see the joy this family has.  They could write a book on 'How to deal when tragedy strikes' but you'd never know it.  Good people. Comfort people.  Love these people.  

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