Monday, March 18, 2013

Table Topics: The Royal Baby

In today's news, it was reported that someone asked the Royal Kate what she was hoping the baby would in gender.  She said she was hoping for a boy.  The news went wild with this thinking that if it isn't a boy, the tabloids will say "Kate gives birth to the girl she didn't want."  Please.  Kate's longing for a boy is most likely rooted deep in British tradition of boys being born to carry on the royal name.  But maybe, just maybe, Kate wants a boy that is just like William because she loves him so.  The harassing of Diana's days still continue.

I personally believe that Kate will have a girl.  Call it a hunch, but I just do.  We need some girls up in here.  So, since royalty seems to don a child with four names, I thought I'd submit my ideas for Royal Baby names....

If it's a girl, I would name her Carole Diana Elizabeth Rose.  (You knew I had to get a Rose in there.)  Carole is Kate's Mom's name, and the Diana name needs to continue.  Elizabeth is not only the current Queen's name (and great grandmother to the baby), but is also Kate's Mom's middle name.  And Rose, well, people, Rose is the best name on the planet.

If it's a boy, I would name him Michael William Philip Charles.  Michael is Kate's Dad's name and William, well, that's the Prince's name.  Philip is not only the great grandfather's name, but also part of William's full name.  And Charles is a shout out to William's Dad, although I'm not a Charles fan.  

So, here is today's Table Topic...

What names would you choose for the Royal Baby?

Discuss and carry on, commoners....

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