Monday, April 08, 2013

The Case of the Missing Remote

One night last week I began my normal bedtime ritual.  I set my alarm, plugged my cell phone in to charge and began to place both of my TV remotes on the nightstand.  Why two remotes?  Because I live in the dark ages, people.  I have one remote for the actual TV (circa 1994) and one remote for my cable box.  I love my TV (also a throwback VCR/TV combo, mind you) and plan to keep it until it gives up the ghost.  

But this night, I wanted to finish watching an episode - of Big Bang Theory, Duck Dynasty, or some other hilarity - before going to sleep.  So I had my remote on the bed beside me.  Always a bad move.  Normally that will mean it will be wadded up in the covers and I'll roll over on it, or it will fall to the floor and I'll retrieve it when I wake up.  This time was different.  When I woke up an hour or so later, I began my ritual of nightstand arrangement and realized the cable box remote was missing.  Oh no worries, it probably fell on the floor.  But it wasn't there.  Hmm.  Maybe it was lost in the covers.  Not there either.  By this time I was wide awake perplexed about the missing remote.

I got up and began to look under my bed, under my recliner.  Surely it couldn't have gone far.  But it was no where to be found.  I almost started believing aliens were involved.  As I was losing my mind, I also began talking to the stuffed animals in the room for their observations (don't judge me....I've loved stuffed animals all my life...they'll be around until I'm 80+, just sayin')  I decided after about 30 minutes of my search to give it up and go to bed.  As I lay in bed pondering my next move, which involved going to the cable company the next day to get a replacement remote, I decided to stop the whirlwind in my mind and pray.  What a novel idea!  I should have started with that one.  I prayed that God would first let me sleep and turn off my brain.  Second, I prayed that He would help me find my remote.  Simple prayer, but big to me at the moment.  

I woke up the next morning and kept my head down....kept it down looking under every piece of furniture within rolling distance.  Finally, I was standing at the right angle and distance from my recliner and saw something in the back under the recliner, far away from reach.  Could it be?  It was! It was my missing remote!  It's very possible that after reaching under the chair, I pushed it further back rather than revealing its location.  I was thrilled!

My extreme concern and worry over a silly thing like a remote was a great lesson in trusting in God, casting all my cares on Him.  Instead of fretting, I needed to pray, and rest knowing that He would take care of the situation.  It took me a while to submit to that master plan, but when I did, it worked.  Even though I still spent a majority of the morning with my eye out for that remote, God was using that time to continue to stretch my faith that He would provide.  And He did.  Like He always does.  Not necessarily in the way I'd like, but He His Timing.  God is good, all the time...even when remotes are missing.

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