Friday, June 01, 2012

Five Minutes: See

Each week Gypsy Mama chooses a word to write about for five minutes. No editing, stream of consciousness. Today's word is: See.

Ready.  Set.  Write.

In second grade, I got my first pair of glasses.  After being tested thanks to the health checks public schools provided, my Mom was told I needed to be checked out by a doctor.  I remember the first day back in class after I started wearing my glasses, I told my Mom, "Gee, the chalk is SO white!"  (Yes, I'm that old that they had blackboards with chalk.)

As I got older my eyes got worse and I got more nearsighted.  Eventually I got brave enough for contacts and they completely changed my world.  No more steamed up glasses when I went from one temperature to another.  No glare at night from headlights.  And, I could actually wear sunglasses!  It totally gave me a confidence I didn't have. 

Due to my RA, I developed cataracts on both eyes. This side effect of my chronic illness is common, though it made me feel like an 80-year-old.  My opthamologist (I love saying that word) told me that when they were ready, he'd remove them and replace the lenses, which is the common procedure.  But, what was even more thrilling was the improvement I would receive because of it.  The lens replacements would restore my vision to near perfect, except for the astigmatism.  What an amazing feeling after I had each eye done and I could wake up in the morning and see my way to the bathroom and read my clock from across the room.  Thank you medical technology and a condition that insurance covered to do the procedure. 

I never take my sight for granted.  I love to observe, read, craft, bat my sparkly eyes.  What a blessing that little three-letter word is...See.


Marissa D said...

What a great post - it is amazing how when medicine fixes a healthy issue we suddenly value it more than ever.

Marissa @ forfunreadinglist

Janice said...

What a good post. I've never had glasses but my husband has and recently had lasik surgery. It's so amazing even from my place to see how much he loves being able to see clearly. It made me more thankful also.

Tanya Marlow said...

Fab post. Coming to you via Five-minute-friday.

I too was the child with the super-thick glasses... Made sports lessons a real pain!

I remmeber going to Africa and seeing children running around without glasses and suddenly realising -that's not because their sight is good, it's because they can't afford them. I took my corrected vision so much for granted.

It's so great that you appreciate it in this way - i really hear you on this!