Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Minutes: Opportunity

Each week Gypsy Mama chooses a word to write about for five minutes. No editing, stream of consciousness. Today's word is: Opportunity.

Ready.  Set.  Write.

I love starting a new book.  Why? Because it opens the door to a brand new opportunity and adventure.  Opportunity.  It's why I loved buying school supplies for a new year of classes.  There is something invigorating to have sharpened pencils, flowing pens and a blank notebook that gets my motor going.

When things change in my life, I sometimes get wary of what will happen beyond what I can see.  From losing jobs to losing sweet friends and family that pass on to ending relationships, it presents a scary future.  But, it's replete with opportunity.  Opportunity to trust in God more and rely on His Direction in my life and the brand new things He has in store for me.

A year ago today I lost one of my dearest friends, Jan.  It was a sudden passing of a life so young and it rocked my world.  I didn't see much opportunity in that, just bitterness.  But looking back over the year, I see how her impact on my life will forever change me.  She was a journeyman in ministry with me, loving on girls who felt like they were on the Island of Misfit Toys and helping them see their complete worth in Christ.  Oh how I miss ruminating with her on those opportunities.  I know, though, that I have the opportunity to carry on her legacy, of which I'm blessed and grateful. 

Opportunity...what a positive word.

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Erica said...

This is so true. I loved your take on opportunity. I loved how everything in life is a new opportunity to trust God.