Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

I am not a political junkie. Nor can I say that I'm well-versed in discussing all the aspects of the debates on war, the economy, or issues in flux on Capitol Hill. But after being immersed in the Republican National Convention coverage this past week, I have a resurgence of excitement that maybe, just maybe, there is a chance of fulfillling history in November's Presidential election....and not by electing Obama.

When John McCain announced his choice of a running mate, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, most people either gasped and reacted harshly with slanderous comments, or yelped for joy at the possibility of a woman with the right kind of worldview being a heartbeat from the Presidency. I was initially ecstatic and the more I hear of her, and after her history-making speech at last week's convention, I don't know that I've been this excited to vote than when I cast my first presidential vote for the Gipper...the greatest president, Ronald Reagan.

This post won't speak in numbers or stats or polls, but on my reasons for why I love Sarah Palin. When asked about my views on all things political, I start by replying, "I'm a conservative evangelical, so if you want to continue the conversation, let's go!" My CEO has always given great advice to those in business..."always hire people smarter than yourself" Palin may not be smarter, but she brings to the Republican ticket the luster that McCain needed to dissuade the slick-tongued diatribes from his opponent. It's been great seeing the other party trying to deal with this "pit bull with lipstick." Here are just a few reasons I love Sarah Palin...(gee, how many times can I squeeze in 'I love Sarah Palin' in one blogpost)

- She's a mother of five children. That alone gives her every bit of experience needed to run for this office. Anyone that has watched mothers with more than 3 or 4 children know what I mean. It's not an easy job. Add in the fact she has children in a wide range of ages and a newborn makes it even more impressive.

- She's real. Even when the news of her 17-year-old daughter's, Bristol, pregnancy broke, the media tried to challenge her ability to mother. This issue is a real issue that parents face all the time. Down deep, is Sarah and Todd Palin happy about this? I'd guess not. But their unconditional love and support of a child that got herself into this situation shows a lot about their parenting abilities.

- She's an innovative governor. From selling the governor's private jet on eBay to bringing the state of Alaska to a surplus over their budget, she isn't the conventional politician. For those on the other side proclaiming change...she's living it.

- She's bold. Anyone who can walk on the stage at the RNC and deliver a speech like she did without missing a beat and mesmerizing even the liberals watching means she's not afraid of a challenge. Most Moms worth their salt never back down to anyone no matter how much whining and complaining they encounter.

- She stands for what I believe in. She's pro-life and that stand alone speaks volumes. How you value life shapes all other decisions you make. She has been slammed for requesting prayer for decisions she faced as Governor of Alaska. Thank goodness we have a prospective VP that isn't afraid to ask people to pray for the issues in our country. Although there are things in her past that I may not agree with 100%, I realize I won't agree with every candidate on every issue. But I do want to agree with a candidate on those issues that mean the most to me.

- She's a woman. It may not cause all the Hilary fans to run to the right, and we know Obama-lovin' Oprah refuses to have her on her show, but for the average woman in the United States, she is a role model. For Moms, she knows what it means to raise a family and follow a career. For Moms of special needs children, she knows how it feels. For those of us who are career women in the workplace, she is an example of how you can believe in your dreams without compromising your beliefs. I am woman, I love Palin.

As the saying goes...."The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world." I hope that comes true in November.


Katrina said...

I like her. She seems like the real deal. The media is looking more and more foolish as they pile up slanders and attacks against her, just making her cool and collected good humor all the more appealing in comparison.

And, like you, I find that she reflects all the same positions that I hold. I'm betting that if they get elected, she'll learn fast. She's done wonders in Alaska and has a nearly unheard of 80% approval rating among her constituents. Who knows? We may be looking at the the future first female POTUS.

Alisa said...

Like you, I haven't been this excited since my beloved Ronald Reagan! I'm a political junkie (watched my first convention at age 10!!) and it is so refreshing to hear an "everyman" or in this case "everywoman" speak.

Sandy said...

You go girl! I love me some Sarah Palin too.