Friday, September 26, 2008

Musings of the Week - Harry Potter, San Francisco, and Contact Tragedies

1. I finally finished the Harry Potter series. I started reading the audio books over a year ago and last week closed the chapter on the story of the young wizard. If you haven't read them, I highly recommend it. I'm not obsessed with the books as some are, but I enjoyed them. If you've read the books, I encourage you to listen to the audio books. It's like story time all over again and they are narrated by Jim Dale, the talented narrator that also narrates the hit show "Pushing Daisies." I think if I read them again, it will be audio book because his storytelling ability makes the words come to life.

2. Last Sunday we had our church services outside due to the after effects of Wind Storm 2008. One service, one location, all of us together at 10:30am. I came to church with my lawn chair and sunglasses and I loved it! I felt like I paid attention even more to the sermon, because the fresh air was rejuvenating. Nothing like worshipping God in the midst of His Creation. I hope we do this more often, sans the week of power outage.

3. Next Tuesday I'm heading to San Francisco. To celebrate a great second quarter of business, my company is having our sales meeting on the West Coast. First off, it's a bit surreal that my company is celebrating great business in the midst of this odd economic world we live in, but I'm counting my blessings and praying for it to continue. The beauty of a business get to stay in swanky hotels that I could never afford, go on fun excurisions, and eat good food. I'm sure it will make for a future blogpost.

4. Monday night I lost my left contact lens. After sixteen years of contact lens-wearing, I lost my first contact my own house. As I took it out in the evening to clean it, I thought it got dislodged in my eye. So I scurried around for the right lighting and mirror to get it out and couldn't find it in my eye. Being the hypchondriac that I am, I assumed it floated back behind my eye, into my brain to cause a future tumor. After realizing I couldn't find it, I shook out all my clothes, rugs, and blankets, but to no avail. I called the doctor's office the next day, knowing I was leaving town in a week, to order a new one. The nurse was great and assured me it would be in by Friday. I picked it up this morning. Oh, and she also assured me that my contact couldn't float behind my eye and into my brain. I'm so glad people tolerate my madness.

5. This being National Stay at Home Week, I've not really done that and with all the new shows debuting, my DVR is overflowing. It may reach new levels while I'm gone next week recording and saving all the shows I want to watch. I have made it through a couple debuts this week...Heroes and The Office. I felt like the old Heroes was back and my favorite villian Sylar is stronger than ever. And, even though *SPOILER ALERT* Jim proposed to Pam, I sense that we'll spend the season watching a thousand obstacles get in their way to the altar. I'm an only child and I love tv.


Alisa said...

We are going to California in June and hope to squeeze in a side trip to San Francisco. I am eagerly awaiting that future blog to get tips on what to do, where to eat, etc!!

Anonymous said...

Contact-Lens Induced Brain Tumor . . . you crack me up!!

Anonymous said...

Rose--you gotta go to Little Italy. The food is incredible & authentico! I don't remember exactly where it is, but it's not too far from the bridge...I drove it in about 15-20 minutes I think.
Loved the photo! Wish I were there! Have fun!!