Thursday, January 12, 2006

Who Do You Look Like?

In my roaming around the blogosphere, I came across a site some folks had recommended - It's a cool new site that utilizes face recognition technology. The process works like this. You upload a photo with a clear picture of a face. Side profiles aren't good and small photos that don't show the intricacies of the face won't work well either. Once the photo is uploaded, the software scans the face and compares it with the database of celebrity pictures. Then it returns results on who you most resemble. Eventually the site will provide you a place to store your own database so you can compare your photo to your family members or friends.

Since I'm such the tech geek, I decided to try it out. I had the perfect picture of myself - a head shot I use for speaking engagements and bios for brochures. So, I uploaded it and patiently waited to see who in the world of Hollywood I looked like. I'm one of those people who really don't look like anybody, so I was extremely curious.

Well, quite the boost of my confidence happened when the results came in. The two actresses they said I looked most like were Kate Winslet and Rita Hayworth. Now, from the neck down, I look nothing like these starlets. And, I really look more like Rita than Kate, actually, but it looks like the only pattern between the two are their lips and maybe eyes. So, I guess technology can be somewhat accurate. At least for now, I'll enjoy the compliment.


Katrina said...

That is a great compliment! I'm afraid if I tried that program it would come back with a combination of Tina Yothers and Eddie Munster and my self-esteem might never recover. Better just to believe my husband's rather starry-eyed appraisal of my looks, I

RosieBoo said...

Oh Katrina, I'm sure it wouldn't! I figured I'd run with the Rita Hayworth picture on my profile for a while and bask in the glory of technology. :)

Jules said...

You are a mighty brave chick to try that, my little Rose Petal! I can pretty much promise you my results would be:

1) Rikki Lake
2) Benjamin Bratt

Hahahaha! Okay, I'm kidding about Benjamin! We ALL know he's way prettier than I'll ever hope to be! :OD But folks have made the Rikki comment before...

RosieBoo said...

The funny thing...they'll match you up with guys too....and that's a bit depressing...I just ignore those :)