Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Off to a Funny Start

On New Year's Eve, a group of my friends from church celebrated the evening at a local bowling alley. It was actually a really nice deal - 4 hours of unlimited bowling, free cokes, party favors, karoke, and sparkling cider at midnight - all for the low cost of $75 per lane. Splitting two lane fees between 11 other folks made it a pretty cheap way to spend the evening.

Soon after arriving, my friend, Christie, noticed one of the managers and remembered him from our church long ago. After having an unsuspecting member of our party go spy out his name tag, it hit me who he was - a friend of a friend who used to attend our church a few years back. The interesting connection, Mr. Manager's friend married one of my best friends.

I debated most of the night on whether or not I should say something to him, figuring he wouldn't remember me. But, knowing my best friend, she would have slaughtered me if I didn't say something to him. You see, Mr. Manager is single...and her ultimate goal in life is to marry me off - not necessarily to Mr. Manager, but being bold enough to talk to someone who has met me before is a good start in her book.

So, after the stroke of midnight, I decided to head home and thought, what the hey, I'll never see him again. I walked up to the counter and said, "Are you a friend of Bobby's?" He responded, "Yes." I replied, "You may not remember me, but I'm Alisa's friend, Rose." And, he unexpressively replied, "No, I don't remember you." Ok, talk about your awkward moments. He made a comment that he talks to Bobby every couple of months, and I said, "Well, it's good to see you...take care."

At least I know I'm attempting to meet guys, albeit disasterous. I'm hoping this isn't a foreshadowing of the year to come, but it made for some comic relief and great blog content.


Jules said...

Well. Certainly you cannot consider this a loss...at all. What a goob. Sounds like he went to the same charm school as my ex-husband. Sheesh.

RosieBoo said...

Yeah...but what a way to ring in the new year! :)