Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Musings for the Week: Snowstorms, Coloring Books and The Oscars

I haven't posted my musings in quite some time...so without further ado...

1.  This past weekend proved to be the first ginormous snowstorm of the season.  Well, not in my neck of the woods, though predicted to be a monster, but in the New York and DC area.  I headed south (not too south) to Nashville, TN, specifically Gallatin, TN to visit Robinson Mountain (blog post to come on that visit).  I left a day early to beat the storm and was comfy and cozy at Robinson Inn for the duration of my visit.  Mark and Sharon Robinson are snow veterans.  Mark is from Prince Edward Island, Canada, and Sharon from the great state of Vermont where the maple syrup runs slow and easy.  Their take on these "snowstorms" of 4-6 inches are eye rollers for them.  They know how to deal with snow at real ginormous levels.  I'm always amazed at the drama that the media ensues with their reports.  The teasers leading into the weather make you think Big Foot is afoot, yet when all is said and done, if you use common sense, you'll normally be fine.  No wonder people stress out.  Thank you media for the amazing hype that is amplified all across social media.  People need to relax, get some chips and salsa and stay home.

2.  I've recently entered into the world of adult coloring books.  I've always loved to color, but had used the Doc McStuffins and Disney Princess Coloring Books for the younger set.  All of a sudden the world discovered what a mentally relaxing thing coloring is and hence a whole slew of adult coloring books were born.  My crayons and colored pencils did ok, but due to the detail of these pictures, I found the need to purchase some Crayola Supertips markers, for those small areas.  I pondered on why this activity is so relaxing and I think, for me, it's because it makes me slowdown, which I'm oft not to do. I have to take time to color in small detail areas and reflect on what colors to choose - which is probably the hardest part of coloring for me.  I've completed about 3 pictures, so I'm on my way, and feeling relaxed.

3.  For readers of my blog, you know I'm begun the 2016 Oscar Challenge.  Don't go searching the Internet for it, because I made it up.  I've challenged myself to see as many Oscar nominated movies (starting with Best Picture) by Oscars night.  When the Oscar nominations were announced, I'd already seen two - The Martian and Brooklyn - so I knew I only had six more to go in that category.  I've since seen Bridge of Spies and, just yesterday, saw The Big Short.  I'm rather enjoying this challenge because it's causing me to see movies I might not have chosen otherwise.  After seeing The Big Short, my vote is still for Bridge of Spies as Best Picture, but if The Big Short wins, I wouldn't be disappointed.  It was a well-crafted piece on the housing market crash of 2008.  It helps explain what all the terms meant surrounding the events, and in a clever way.  I realized as I left the movie that of the 8 Best Picture nominees, 4 of them are based on true stories - Bridge of Spies, The Big Short, Spotlight and The Revenant.  We're drawn to real life on the big screen.  I haven't seen Spotlight or The Revenant yet, but my gut tells me one of these four will take the Oscar.  We're a people who look to the screen for re-telling of real life, not for escape.  On to the next movie!

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