Friday, January 08, 2016

Walking on Sunshine

I love a comfortable shoe.  Honestly, if I could wear flip flops year round, I'd be in Heaven....which I expect that footwear to be accompanying my glorified body in Heaven one day.  This appreciation for comfortable shoes I inherited from my Dad.  My Mom used to say that unless he could wiggle his toes freely in a pair of shoes, he didn't like them.  I'm the same way.

I've been searching a long time for a comfortable walking shoe/sneaker to no avail.  Being a huge Crocs fan, I've continued to wear those consistently, but I really longed for a shoe that fit just right and could be deemed a solid walking shoe for all year round.  One day while out with my friend, Ashley, I noticed her shoes - Skechers GoWalk Memory Foam.  I had perused these shoes online and wondered if they lived up to the hype.  I asked her how she'd like them and she raved at how comfortable they were.  Folks, I thought "I may have just found a winner."

I began to search online to find the best deal for a pair in my size and preferably black because black is the universal color.  I finally found them on the Skechers site and placed my order.  Anticipation was growing waiting on my shipment to arrive.

When I received my shoes, I put them on and it felt dreamy!  It should.  I was walking on memory foam, the stuff of mattresses!  The true test would be the next day when I wore them all day.  For me, sometimes shoes feel good when you first put them on, but after a day of wear, my feet hurt and they don't finish well.  The next day I wore them and it was like walking on sunshine!  All day long I felt airy and free as I walked in these newly-found jewels.  

Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess - and my alter ego - and I felt like Prince Charming had just placed the glass slipper on my foot!  They fit perfectly and I was on my way to a happily ever after for my feet.  

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