Monday, April 27, 2015

Coloring Therapy

I confess.  I love to color. And I'm far from the age where coloring is a part of my daily life.  

When I was a child, I loved getting that box of 64 crayons with the built-in sharpener and a fresh coloring book to fill with all my crazy ideas for what everything should look like.  I took liberty in making hair and clothes look very different.  Because I could.

With all the stresses of life, I started coloring again about six months ago.  Now, i don't do it daily (so don't call the men in white coats to come get me), but I do often whip out the crayons and colored pencils and my stashed coloring books to decompress from life's pressures and stresses.

Today I don't need that built-in sharpener as my box of crayons are twistable and, like mechanical pencils, stay sharp all the time.  I even have a couple of boxes of twistable colored pencils, and one that is even erasable!  My how Crayola has advanced over the years.  

This picture was a masterpiece I created and decided to share it this week - Derby Week - when hot air balloons fill the sky.  I subscribe to Phone Case of the Month where I get a new phone case each month.  (Betcha didn't figure that one out!)  A couple of months ago this card was included and we were asked to design our phone case and tag them on Instagram for a chance to have our design accepted as a future monthly design.  I squealed!  And then grabbed my colored pencils and crayons to begin my work.  I am not a freehand artist (as evidenced in this picture), but you can't really mess up balloons.  I haven't heard if I've won yet, but I sure felt more refreshed when I finished!

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