Monday, March 02, 2015

Why I'm Wild About Harry

Saturday evening, my partner in crime, Amy, and I headed to the Louisville Palace to see one of my favorite artists, Harry Connick, Jr.  I was extremely geeked!!  The last time I saw him in concert was quite a few years ago with my Trinidadian sister, Jan.  She loved him as much as I did and had never seen a "real" concert before in person.  I surprised her with tickets and Harry didn't disappoint.  Now that Jan is living in Heaven, I decided to treat my sister from another mister for her birthday to enjoy all of this Harry goodness.  Again, he did not disappoint. 

Harry came out at 8pm - no opening act needed - sat down on the piano bench, and started entertaining.  He played and sang non-stop for two hours.  For a man who has been a successful performer for more than 20 years, he is extremely non-pretentious.  Never did he once refer to his gig on American Idol because, to him, I'm sure it's just that - just another gig utilizing his passion.  Harry talked about how Rob Reiner recruited him to do the score for "When Harry Met Sally."  He shared how he learned to play the piano from some of the jazz greats in his hometown of New Orleans.  And he made sure every member of his band had the spotlight.  It felt much like we'd been invited in his living room for a personal jam session.  Harry even played the trumpet.  Exquisite.  

One of the songs he sang was "One Fine Thing" from his latest album "Every Man Should Know."  He sat on a stool and said "This song makes me think of my wife every time I sing it."  For a man who has been married to the same woman for more than 20 years and still swoons over her, that makes me swoon over him more.  I've posted the music video below to enjoy.  I may post a review on my YouTube channel at some point, so be sure to subscribe there as well.  Yes, I'm wild about Harry.  

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