Friday, May 16, 2014

Table Topics: Glorified Body

I've had one of those weeks where, though I am blessed beyond measure here on earth, I'm looking forward to the day when I have that glorified body in Heaven.  You know, no aches, no pain, no more blood sucked by vampire nurses, all the food you feast upon with zero weight gain.  It'll be glorious!  Though I'm not a fashionista, I have given thought to what I'd don on my new glorified body.  Now before the theological gurus come and post hate comments on how that isn't biblical, relax.  However the Lord dresses me will be fantastic.  But a girl can dream this side of Heaven.  Nothing I can fathom here would come close, but it's fun to think about it.  

What would I wear?  Many might think I'd want to be the image of Cinderella.  Or another Disney Princess, such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Or, even Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind for that Southern Belle charm.  Any of those would be great.  But, if I had to choose a look, it would be Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas.  No, not in that closing red Santa Claus frock, but in that amazing black dress that is just stunning.  She sings the song "Love Didn't Do Right By Me" (sing it sister and amen!) and is just classy in that black velvet number with the sweetheart neckline.  Bing Crosby sat in the audience realizing what a goober he was.  Beautiful.

So, that is today's table topic.  

How would you don your glorified body?  

Go ahead folks, in the words of Tim Gunn...make it work!

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