Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why I'm Thankful for Preschoolers

This time last year I was winding down 30 days of blog posts.  This year, it's November 26 and I'm just writing my first one of the month.  Whew.  Time flies when you work full-time, are in school, and trying to have some fun in the meantime.

November is always full of challenges - blog posts, novel writing, and thankfulness.  My Facebook feed is replete daily with what folks are thankful for each day.  I did that for a couple of years a few years ago and it was refreshing, but I like to keep in that thankfulness spirit all year round.  But when I pause to think about the oh so many things I'm thankful for this season, preschoolers come to mind.  We were talking at work today about an upcoming holiday celebration that involves goodies from the Homemade Pie Kitchen when my co-worker jokingly said, "I'm going to leave my two girls here so I can pick up the food."  One of my employees groaned (it was a guy) and I said, "Oh please do! I'd play with them!"  With my cubicle full of toys and even my home sprinkled with toys for those who visit, I am like a kid's favorite person.  Seriously.  I may never grow up.

Why am I thankful for preschoolers?  Here are just three reasons...

Hugs - I love hugs from preschoolers.  They normally are quick to give them and when I work the Preschool Welcome Desk at church, I can always count on Gabe to stop and give me a hug.  Now, his brothers Ethan and Reese stop by to hug me too.  And Reese tells me about his exciting birthday party...that happened two months ago.

Dramatic tendencies - Yes, I know they are all little snotty sinners that can be melodramatic, but they are really just playing out the snotty sinfulness that we adults suppress.  This past Sunday, little Sadie was brought out of the weekly puppet show wailing.  Each week our 3s and 4s get the privilege of preschool worship where they see a puppet show about that week's story.  The creme de la creme is the appearance of Missionary Max.  Missionary Max loves missions. And he loves Pastor Joselito in Ecuador and encourages the preschoolers to bring money for Joselito.  Each week the preschoolers can bring their Missionary Max offering and when they bring it to him, they get to high five with him.  That's a pretty big deal when you are three.  So, back to Sadie.  She came wailing out of the preschool worship time proclaiming "I need my missionary offering money!!"  Literally almost went into convulsions.  Our level-headed Preschool Director, Beth, told her to calm down and she would go get her money from her Mom.  She dropped to her knees wailing that she had to have it.  Now, I'd like to think her heart for missions is huge, but most likely it's that high five with Max that she didn't want to miss.  As soon as Ms Beth gave her money from her Mom, she calmed down.  Was that over dramatic?  Yes, but how many times have you forgotten something and wanted to drop to your knees wailing until Mom came to the rescue?  I thought so.

Every child has a soul that will never die - This phrase is uttered by our Pastor every time ministering to children is mentioned or we have parent dedication.  I love that phrase.  It is so true. This past Sunday while at the Preschool Desk, one of the Moms was there with her little one, Hunter, updating his older brother's allergy record.  Little Hunter was content in his stroller and handsome as ever.  And a miracle.  You see, Hunter was born 20 months ago and due to complications and a blocked airway, he has been on a trach for most of his time on earth.  Just recently he had it removed and the doctors said his airway was miraculously healed.  He still is on a feeding tube, but is beginning to learn to swallow dis-solvable yogurt bites.  And you can hear his little voice.  Something Momma and Daddy didn't hear until just recently.  As we were talking, Hunter reached out to me and I took his hand.  I could have held it forever.  He's been through more in his short life than most people deal with in 20 years, much less 20 months.  That makes him even more precious than he is.  And a miracle.  And has a soul that will never die.  

That, my friends, is why I'm thankful for preschoolers.  

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