Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top Five Signs I Participate in Too Many Conference Calls

After a long draught of "Top Five" lists, I finally have one worthy of a blog post...straight from the home office in Pune, India...the Top Five Signs I Participate in Too Many Conference Calls...

5.  My arm naturally remains in the position posed to have the phone to my ear.

4.  I get to conference calls before the leader so often I have the hold messages memorized - the helpful tips from how to mute myself to telephone etiquette.

3.  I've enforced the college rule.  If a professor was 15 minutes late, we left the class.  If the conference call leader is 15 minutes late, I leave the call.  By then, I've been so scarred by the hold music and messages, I can't take it anymore.

2.  I can multi-task like a champ.  From muting off and on while I eat lunch to moving from my office phone to cell phone with very little meeting interruption.

1.  I have co-workers instant message me during calls the most hilarious commentary.  The best one thus far - "If I kill myself on this call, do you think it'd still keep going?"

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