Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chim, Chim, Cheree and Hoop-De-Do

As I'm oft to do, I'm filling a blog post with my random thoughts and happenings over the past few weeks...

I saw Mary Poppins, the Broadway production, at the Kentucky Center for the Arts a couple of weekends ago, thanks to my good friend and NOK (Next of Kin), Christie. Knowing my love for the theater, she gave me this outing for Christmas and it was the perfect gift for me. Lest you think it's just for kids, oh no. The performance is quite a spectacle. My favorite part was the chimney sweep dance to "Step in Time." One of the chimney sweeps literally walked up the wall and upside down on the ceiling. The biggest win of the night was no traffic hassles and great parking given the UK Wildcats were playing two blocks away in the NCAA Tournament. We even scored parking for $6 instead of $20 because we didn't pre-pay and left long after the last game ended at the YUM Center. God loves me, this I know.

Speaking of the NCAA Tournament games, it's like Derby week here in Louisville as the is about to be played Saturday evening. The Final Four match up of the Louisville Cardinals....surprised to be in the Final Four...and the Kentucky Wildcats...who was the #1 seed in the tournament overall. To explain the magnitude of this game would take hours, but you have the former UK coach (Pitino) going up against the top-seeded Wildcats with an underdog team for bragging rights in the State until the next Final Four match up or until Jesus comes, whichever comes first. Literally, this game is like the greatest 40 minutes in sports for 2012, if not the century. Thankfully, I like both teams and will be happy that one of them will get to the championship game. Most people think I'm nuts for not standing firm in the blue or red, but I've always loved purple best.

Speaking of God loves me, this I know, we had our annual women's conference last weekend at my church. Heather Moore, a former member and friend, spoke during the weekend on some very pointed topics that were so needed. I'll be is going at a fast pace and I needed a shot of some good spiritual nourishment and it was right on time. One of the ladies in my Bible study I lead said last night "we need to do that every weekend!" Yes, that would be amazing but it would also kill our conference team. We love them and don't want that to happen.

Speaking of killing, I've started The Hunger Games. I caved under the pressure after hearing great things about it and decided that for $5 on my Kindle, it was worth it. I have gotten through the first chapter and anxious to read more if I can just find some time to do so. Life is just so busy that I need a good few hours to curl up in my recliner, but the odds have not been in my favor.

Speaking of crazy, my job is crazy busy and I'm seeking 3 new hires for my team. I had one person on board who never showed up - but that's another blog post for another day. With all the craziness, we laugh a lot. Wait, a ton. I've always said my office is a dead ringer for The Office and it just keeps proving that theory more and more. Some of the humor is lost on those of you outside our walls, but some is worthy of sharing and just flat hilarious. The latest humor happened this week. We all receive an email about a new service starting this Wednesday called "Waiter on Wheels." You log on to our corporate site for the 'virtual cafeteria' and you can order your lunch to be delivered. You have to pay for it, of course, but it provides the perk of delivery and probably discounted food given it's a corporate plan. All excited about the food perk, I log on the site and start to see the bevy of restaurant choices when I realize that the service isn't available in our area. It's only available for the corporate office in northern California. I emailed our admin at corporate to inquire if maybe the service was expanding. She replied that we weren't supposed to get the email and they are working on perks like this for the remote offices. Well, that's a fail. Thank goodness we still have free soft drinks.

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