Friday, April 17, 2009

Table Topics - Voicemail Quirks

As I've recounted on my blog before, I leave rather lengthy voicemails. I chalk it up to the fact that if I don't reach the intended party, my goal is to give them as much information as I can. You'd think they were never going to speak to me again and I needed to tell them everything. But, that's just my personality and all part of what makes me Rose.

Being an observer of human behavior is an enjoyment of mine. Even observing my own, such as the length of my voicemails. (I won't go into the diatribe of how I can be so obsessive with important messages that I utilize the "press 2 to review your message" option before sending at times) One of the other things I've observed about my message-leaving habits is I always leave the time of my call. For example, "Hey, this is Rose, it's 6:45...." I've realized that every message begins with identifying myself, then giving the time. It's not that odd, but given caller ID and most voicemail systems or missed call logs having the time of call indicated, it's a sign that I was trained how to properly leave a message long before phone technology was this advanced.

So, here's today's table topic....

Do you have quirky habits when leaving voicemail messages?

....leave your comments at the sound of the beep....


Anonymous said...

I can't think of any voicemail quirks. But since no one else has commented, I thought I'd vouch for yours... :-)


Michael said...

My voicemail quirk is that I very rarely listen to entire voicmail, especially if it is