Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Second Chances

Kentucky seems to always have its problems. Aside from the great press we get on the first Saturday in May for the Kentucky Derby, many times, the state is viewed as Hickville, USA. We're stereotyped as barefoot, pregnant, and uneducated. Even the most recent season of The Amazing Race had a team from Eastern Kentucky. Good ole David and Mary were precious, but definitely what the world would view as normal Kentuckians.

For those outside of Kentucky, let me assure you that we have Starbucks here, we wear shoes on a regular basis, we have multiple bookstores validating our abilty to read, and we have a variety of food cuisine to choose from at our local restaurants.

This morning the news was all a flurry about Miss USA, Tara Connor. This little 20-year old was the first Miss Kentucky to take the crown in the fifty plus years of the pageant's existance. Her hometown of Russell Springs, as well as the entire state, was proud to say we finally made it. Yet, her crown, of late, has become tainted. It's been revealed that prior to her 21st birthday, she was found carousing around in the bars of New York and "actin' a fool" as we say it down South. Would Trump ask her to give back her crown? What type of role model is she for American girls? Many people were on the edge of their seats - especially Miss California who was in the wings to take the crown - waiting to hear the final decision.

Trump decided to give Miss Connor a second chance. She'll be entering rehab, but with her crown intact. Donald Trump stated he believes in second chances and thinks the glamour of New York overwhelmed her. Interesting way to approach a very touchy situation.

This whole episode is quite a dichotomy. I realize there are probably some contracts and forms Miss USA must sign that require her to behave and act in a certain way. But, a role model is a role model. Who is going to call out other role models for the younger generation? ....Paris Hilton and her sexually-explicit climb to fame...Britney Spears and her so-called relationship with Kevin Federline and all the hoo ha that went along with that?

I don't condone Miss USA's behavior, but if we're going to be concerned with her lifestyle as a role model, let's not just stop with the Kentucky girl.


Katrina said...

Yes, the world is sadly bereft of good role models at present. Or maybe it's more accurate to say that the good role models aren't getting much of the spotlight, because I know there are some young women out there who are excelling in their fields with grace, integrity, and selflessness.

I guess they're just not as much "fun" to watch. *rolls eyes*

Alisa said...

Sorry, but I have a bah-humbugish comment. Prior to moving to Central Kentucky, I thought "David and Mary" were just stereotypes, not real people. NOPE! Louisville is not normative for what "is" Kentucky. I've discovered that! (Me of the "Shut up Letterman/Leno with your KY bashing" letter writing efforts.)

RE: Trump - I was thrilled he gave the girl a second chance. (And I'm thrilled he's bashing the Anti-Rosie!)
Love, Alisa

RosieBoo said...

Oh for the cream of the crop in role models to rise and shine in the media!

For all Trump's faults, I like the man. He shoots straight...and he's not bowing to psycho Rosie