Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dating Lessons from a Reindeer

Last Friday night I watched the annual presentation of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I never tire of watching all those Rankin-Bass Christmas specials...they bring back memories of my childhood. I'd always watch them with my Mom and one of them would be airing the night we would put up Christmas decorations. I still bust out singing the Snow Miser/Heat Miser song at random moments.

As I watched the episode on Friday night (I own the video, but somehow seeing it "live" makes the Christmas season right), I noticed some interesting lessons on dating, provided by the cute little doe, Clarice. She's the reindeer that stole Rudolph's heart. Let's see what Clarice can teach us about the world of dating for us humans...

Lesson 1 - "Let the buck pursue you" - Clarice merely noticed Rudolph, batted her doe-lashes, and he asked her if he could walk her home. She didn't plot a conniving plan with the other does in the wood on how she could manipulate the situation to nab her a buck. Maybe I need to bat my eyelashes more.

Lesson 2 - "Reindeer are fragile." - Once Rudolph's red nose was revealed, he was shunned from ever playing reindeer games again. With his head hung low, he wandered over to Clarice, probably figuring she'd reject him too, but, oh no. Clarice encouraged Rudolph about how special he was with his bright red nose...and that she thought it was cute. After some deer ego boosting, she breaks into song with "There's Always Tomorrow." to continue her quest to edify Rudolph. Men are fragile too, we gals sometimes forget that.

Lesson 3 - "Clarice was patient." - While Rudolph went off finding himself with Yukon Cornelius and Hermy the Elf who would be a Dentist, Clarice was back on Snow Mountain worried what would happen to him. After Rudolph's return and the Bumble's demise, Clarice was right there...patiently waiting. And she didn't nag him about why he went off on this misfit journey or complain that he wasn't paying attention to her. She knew he would eventually return and she would be there. Patience is a virtue, and a very difficult thing to do. Trust me, I've been single a long time.

When Johnny Mercer wrote Rudolph, Clarice wasn't a part of the story, but thanks to the Rankin Bass story writers, we now know the doe behind the buck.


Alisa said...

See! This proves we are sisters separated at bith (and by a few years). Great minds, Rosie!!

Tiffany said...

That's wonderful! I've never noticed those particular lessons, but you're right on the mark. You've also reminded me that it's been way too long since I watched Rudolph!

Nakiru said...

there's a lesson that most of the time we have to learn on our ARE fragile. God put us here as their helpmeets because they need our sincere admiration and encouragement. it keeps them on track, and reminds them of the men God created them to be. and it's funny how wonderful it can be to fit into that role...almost like we belong there. :-D - alisa's coral.

RosieBoo said...

Perfect evidence of our separation. :)

I pegged you as a Rudolph lover from way back, so I hope you get to enjoy it again this season!

Men are fragile...I've learned that over my many years of life. Some I figured that out on my own, some willingly admitted it.

Katrina said...

Great post! I think Clarice makes a wonderful addition to the story, and you're right on in all your points!