Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Purse By Any Other Name is Still as Sweet

In a recent post on sunglasses, I revealed my need to find just the right pair of sunglasses - and once I do, I never want to have to search for them again. Well, I'm also that way about purses. I'm a pretty low maintenance purse chick. I don't change out purses everytime the wind blows, or my shoes change, or my nail polish changes. If you do, more power to you. After changing purses so much at one time that I left my auto insurance card in the wrong purse, I realized it wasn't worth the effort. Plus, a quick scan of my handbag history and you'll see an overwhelming abundance of black purses. So, why change from black to black?

I've always admired Vera Bradley purses. Those lovely quilted purses that come in all shapes, sizes and fabrics just looked stylish no matter what you are wearing (see above) and were washable to boot. But, the price of those puppies are outrageous. Most range in price from $60 - $100, which is much more than I have spent for my purses from Target. I try to be frugal as much as I can, so I couldn't justify that kind of money - even if I carried that purse until Jesus comes. Chances are, I'd grow tired of it eventually.

The purse I was carrying was a lovely crocheted black number that came from Fashion Bug. Reasonably priced, it fit the bill almost perfectly. Almost because it didn't hold my planner. I carry a calendar, not a Day-Timer or Franklin planner, but a nice inexpensive calendar from Staples that has enough room to write on each day and glance at a month. Along with its size, this purse was also beginning to wear out. A crocheted fabric is soft and flexible, but also privy to snags and eventual holes. So, I decided it was time to get serious about the search for a purse...

I shopped at my normal discount places...Fashion Bug, Target, Jewelry & Handbag Warehouse, and even Payless Shoes (you can find some nice bags there, ladies)....but to no avail. I knew what I wanted, but couldn't find it. Then, I Googled the phrase "quilted purses" and my dreams came true.

The first non-sponsored link that came up was for Jean's Unique Creations. It was like Vera Bradley for the common man! Jean provides purses, accesories and small luggage in your choice of fabric. And, even provides wonderful accessories for walker and wheelchair users. My Mom made these pouches and bags for herself so she could cart things around the house while on her walker. After seeing the prices of these purses (the highest priced bag is $49.95), I knew I had found a purse supplier. And, the deal was cinched when I read that she is now "retired" and her husband runs her orders to the Post Office, does the housework and loves to cook. It sounded much like my Dad and Mom, although Mom never sold the things she made.

I've spread the word to everyone I know - and my Stepmom has even bought her own purse! If you've always longed for a Vera Bradley, a Jean's Unique Creation is a purse just as sweet....and be sure to tell Mrs. Jean that Rose sent you.


SheThinker said...

I love all those purses! I'd buy one, except that I've spent so much money getting ready for DC, that I'd have to wait until I got paid again, which is Thursday and that's only 2 days before I leave. Maybe when I get back and get back to work I'll order one or two.

RosieBoo said...


Wow, so as I type, you are in DC!!! I can't wait to hear all about the trip! Hopefully your flight back won't be too rough during security.