Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Top Five Insignificant Things That are Significantly Annoying

5. When walking into an elevator, there is no universal location for elevator buttons. Every time I walk into an elevator, if I turn the left, they are located on the right and vice versa - all while the elevator door is closing on me.

4. No bathroom paper towel holder dispenses just one paper towel. Either a small corner is ripped off, requiring you to pull another complete towel, or multiple towels come out at the same time.

3. Whether you retrieve ice from the freezer or the door of your fridge, inevitably one cube will fall to the floor. To avoid this as much as possible, I keep my door ice on the "crush" setting at all times - then only small pieces hit the floor.

2. Radio traffic reports. Who was the genius that decided that traffic reports on the radio start without any intro other than a conglomeration of screeching sirens and honking horns? Even a short, "And now for the traffic report..." to forewarn me would be helpful. It catches me off guard every time and I hit my brakes or jump expecting to be hit by another vehicle. And, to top it off, the reports are always wrong - I have been at the exact location of a reported traffic jam and it's smooth sailing, yet been in the midst of standstill traffic that I never heard about on the radio.

1. People who can't breathe without the cell phone to their ear. People walk, drive, and carry on with life all while holding a cell phone to their ear and chatting with someone. If I had a criminal mind, I'd hit all these well-distracted folks who obviously have little concern with their surroundings. And, to make the streets more dangerous, they migrate to their cars, continuing on the phone. If you are that popular, let me introduce you to BlueTooth Technology.


SheThinker said...

I can identify with all of those.

Numbers 5 and 4- Can we say UofL! The freaking buttons are on opposite sides on everything stinking elevator. And UofL (with the exception of the new wing of the UnderGrad library) has crappy paper towel holders in every building.

As for #3, I just pick up the fallen ice cube and toss it in the cat's water bowl. Perhaps that's not an option for everyone, but it works for me.

2- Doesn't effect me too much because I don't drive. But it is annoying all the same.

My cell phone isn't attached to my ear, but rather my hand. Text messaging is my 2nd best friend in the world. I'm an addict.

Shell said...

#1 Irritates the snot out of me! I stood next to a man in the airport who actually used "air quotes" with his fingers while he was talking on the cell phone - his listener couldn't even see him!

Amy said...

Wow, I'm right there with you - feel your pain... !


RosieBoo said...

Hmm, maybe I need an animal for my fallen ice cubes :)

Air quotes?!!? Now, that's ridiculous!

I heard two of those wacky traffic reports on the way to work today...sheesh. :)