Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Easier to Be Struck by Lightning...

There is a statistic that was recently debated as false that it is easier to be hit by lightning or attacked by a terrorist than to get married over the age of 40. I first remember hearing that stat in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" but it was apparently based on an actual study. In recent weeks, after revisiting those that compiled the study, it was revealed that those numbers are false.

Although I've not been personally touched by a terrorist, it's evident that we've all felt the pain of 9/11. And, most of us could go six degrees through our connections and touch someone who was directly affected by that horrible day. So, maybe that event alone has swayed the study statistics. I have great friends from high school that were directly connected to 9/11 - one of them being a 9/11 survivor from the Pentagon and his wife, who to this day shudders at the recollection of that frightful day.

So, on to the next statistic....being struck by lightning. This is not a very common occurance, and so, I can understand the correlation between lightning strikes and marriage after 40. Sadly, since I am over 40, it's not an encouraging thing to think about. Well, I've now proven that statistic as truth.

About a month or so ago, the Spring thunderstorm season started around these parts. We've seen our share of tornadoes and strong storms, and I've been very blessed to have been passed over. But, earlier in May, I wasn't. Oddly, my house was struck - but a random act of striking. One of my cable boxes was hit, my DSL modem, and my caller ID box. Thankfully my TV and DVD player hooked to that cable box were fine. And, even more importantly, the computer was unharmed. The harshest hit, the one that somewhat freaked me out, was the hit in my enclosed patio room. My Dad actually found this one when window cleaners came to my house. As they moved the blinds, they noticed a melted spot, and then a black mark on the carpet in the corner. Even an innocent folding chair got in the bolt's crossfire and now has a tatoo on it's backside. Thankfully no fires occured and everything is fixable or replaceable.

Leave it to me to be able to be struck by lightning rather than get married.


Katrina said...

As Rosie so aptly put it: "It's not true....but it feels true."

Sorry to hear about your lightning damage--but I'm glad it wasn't worse! We're having some uncharacteristic electrical storms this week in Northern Idaho. I'm actually enjoying all the thunder and flashiness--most of our rain up here is the quiet sort.

As for the getting married part, I can only add my observation that the Christian women I know who have remained unmarried for whatever reason are some of the most insightful, Spirit-filled, faithful people that I know. As my single sister put it, "Maybe God just doesn't want to share me with anyone yet." :)

Jules said...

OHMYGOSH!!!! That's IT!!! What Katrina said...God doesn't want to share you!!!! Ohmyword!!! Why didn't we think of that sooner????

That just makes perfect sense to me!! Because really and truly, I know that you see alot of your "issues" (med issues, etc..) as a red flag before potential suitors. But you know, even if you were riding around on one of those motorized "rascal" things with an oxygen tank plugged into your face, you will still be SOOOOO far above most men...Seriously.

You are just literally too good. It's like when a baby dies, and you will hear people say, " know, they are better off...this world is too lost and too mean for such innocence." In the same sort of vein, you really are too good for the great majority of available men. You really are....for a myriad of include independence, intelligence, talent, self-respect, wisdom, reverence...

And if you think I'm wrong, just go take a gander at the cesspool of bad genetics and immorality on Yuck.

You're better off on your own if that's what's out there. And He knows it.

Cherie <> said...

I've been reading the book "Lady in Waiting" that has the study guide inside, etc and it talks a little about being over 40 and still single. It's not a curse but a blessing! God is able to use you more as a single woman than if you were married. The book also talked about how some women were married at an older age because God needed that time to develop their husband or to grow them.

And I also love how Katrina put it: "Maybe God just doesn't want to share me with anyone yet." He wants you all to Himself and He is waiting with arms open wide to love you more than any man ever could.

Miss you! I'll come visit again soon (I was up in March, but had no transportation to go see people).

Lorie said...

Yikes! Just wanted to stop by... It's been a while.

"...just go take a gander at the cesspool of bad genetics and immorality on Yuck."

Okay, THAT is hilarious. :)

RosieBoo said...


Your sister's statement made my day....I'll have to adopt that one too...I love it!

You are so wise....and's why I love you so!

Hey there!! Actually, I've gone through Lady in Waiting many times (and Finding the Love of your Life - twice - what a hoot!) It's an excellent book. And, I'm using parts of it with college girls discipleship right now. I miss you - you need to come to visit again!