Thursday, April 06, 2006

Top Five Things that Make this Week Weird

5. Barry Bingham, Jr., passed away. The final member of the mogul family that used to own over half of the media outlets in town. I never knew him personally, but I have friends who worked during the Bingham days and during the corporate takeover days. They'd say give them a Bingham any day.

4. Katie Couric announced she was leaving the Today Show. I'm more of a Matt Lauer fan, but it'll be weird not having Katie playing off of the ensemble cast of the Today Show. And, she's going to be the new Dan Rather. Ok, so, her giggling days have come to an end. She'll have to learn to guffaw. Sad.

3. Meredith Vieira is taking Katie's place. Currently on The View and Who Wants to be A Millionaire, she does nothing for me. I understand she has a journalism background, but aside from her somewhat striking resemblance to Katie, I don't see the fit. And, what about Ann Curry? She's been there through thick and thin - do they not believe in internal promotions at the Today Show? I'll continue watching, but my heart goes out to Ann.

2. The Mandisa era is over. See previous post. I should know by now that around this point in the competition we begin the departure of some quality talent. It happened season before last and it'll happen again. It's just strange that Mandisa is out and Bucky remains. Go fig.

1. We lost an hour this weekend. Springing forward with Daylight Savings Time always messes up my internal clock. Next year we spring forward in March and keep that going until November. It takes me about a week to adjust my body to this change - and it makes it worse considering the rest of the weirdness that is this week.


SarahLynn said...

I did not know about Mandisa! I haven't watched all my recorded Idols yet! Argh!! I sent her 3 votes this last week! NOOO!

I am in mourning.

PS. I don't like Meredith. She seems like she could break a chicken's neck without blinking an eye. Some sort of cruel undertone..maybe I'm just weird. :)

Denny Burk said...

We thought Bucky should have been gone a long time ago. Glad to see him leave tonight.

Katrina said...

Yes, the Mandisa thing threw me as well! But nothing is as mysterious to me as the fact that Ace is still on the show. (Actually, I shouldn't call that mysterious--I know why he's still there, but it's dismaying, to say the least! LOL...)

RosieBoo said...


I have to say I have somewhat of an uneasy feeling about Meredith too...can't put my finger on it, but your visual was great. :)


I'm glad Bucky is gone too. My votes are going to Taylor - Soul Patrol!


I realized the reason Ace is still on the show one night when I closed my eyes while he was singing and realized...yep, he's not that great of a singer. :)