Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mighty Mandisa Has Struck Out

The end of the Mandisa era has come. Last night, we all watched in horror and shock as the Mighty Mandisa was voted off American Idol. It was a sad night for those of us who had hoped her gospel message would take her to the finals. I feel a bit responsible since this was the first week I didn't get to vote for her or anyone for that matter. If you find out she lost by a small margin, don't tell me.

This week the songs came from the country music world and Kenny Rogers helped prepare the contestants. I have to admit although she did a great job with the song she chose, it wasn't the song I would have picked for her to show off her "vocal chops" as Randy calls them.

She was graceful, shed some tears, and smiled as she watched her tribute film roll with the signature "Bad Day" song playing in the background. We saw her pronouncement of forgiveness to Simon - the beginning of her evangelization. We heard Simon and other judges state that she was by far, the best female vocalist in the top 12 and that she could sing anything. I'm satisfied, at least, that she sang the Shackles song to a national TV audience.

Don't cry for Mandisa. She showed her talent proud, and the Christian world proud. And, although she may not be the next American Idol, being in the top ten will get her more exposure in the secular world than she could have ever gotten otherwise. Life has just begun for Miss Mandisa and I'm still holding out hope for a Mandisa/Taylor duet....


SarahLynn said...

Okay, I read this after I posted the first comment. I won't be sad for long...but I still feel like if the 'country' vote gets behind Bucky, the 'christian' vote could've gotten behind Mandisa! Myself included...For I always sent 6 votes to Paris and only 4 to Mandisa...:(

RosieBoo said...

Your girl Paris made it out of the bottom 3 this week, Sarah! Woo-hoo!