Tuesday, March 14, 2006

From Humanness to Holiness

Last Thursday I didn't have a Gold Letter Day. It was pouring down rain - which just stopped last night, by the way - and it took me over an hour to get to work. People in Louisville forget how to drive, or slow down to a crawl when the first raindrop falls. I arrived at my parking garage and began the swirling climb to the top. Recently the garage issued a ton more parking cards and now getting a space without going to the top is nearly impossible - especially on a day when you are behind.

I arrived at the 7th level, the roof, the penthouse, and began to seek out a space to park. I had turned off my wipers during my ascent due to the loud noise they made once they dried off. But, as I hit the 7th level, I didn't turn them right back on although I was not under cover. I spotted a space and turned in. Then it happened. I can't tell you what exactly, but "it" happened. Either I slipped on the wet pavement and/or I midjudged my distance and scraped the side of the car next to me. I was sick. Here I was already late and now this.

My human side kicked in. Park away from the car. Nobody saw you. It's not that bad. The owner can have it fixed. As these thoughts raced through my head, I was ashamed at myself. And, realized, that Yes, Viriginia, I'm a human, sinful person.

I was immediately convicted. I can't do that. It doesn't matter if anyone saw me, God did. It may not be that bad, but it's not right for the owner to have to take care of a problem she didn't cause. So, I went to get her license tag to track her down with the parking garage because leaving a note in the pouring rain wouldn't do. My heart sank further when I saw a two-day old temporary tag in the back window. I couldn't hit a ten-year old car, I had to hit a car that the owner had only had two days.

After reporting the incident, talking with the distraught owner, and reporting it to my insurance, everything should be taken care of. I'll suffer an insurance hit since it was my fault - and with a clean record for over 10 years, that one will hopefully not hurt too much. What hurts more is my stark realization that I'm a sinner. Whenever I get pious and boast in my pure and holy life, I have to remember that my holiness comes only through the mercy and grace of a loving God.


Erin Nicole said...

i had a similar situation happen a month ago...details aside, i had the same realization and was convicted to do the right thing. it humbled me to see how quickly i could be "persuaded" to do the wrong thing. i'm so weak sometimes...it's just so great that we have someone so strong to stand by us.

Dana said...

My husband thinks I am stupid when I have a guilt attack and want to do the right thing. He needs a smack!

You did the right thing.

RosieBoo said...


That is so true! And, it's nice to know I'm not the only struggling human. :)


Thanks for the encouragement! :)