Thursday, October 06, 2005

What is the World Coming to?

In my regular perusal of the mass of blogs I've bookmarked, I came across an interesting entry pointing to a new blog site. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have to say that I'm very impressed with how this annual focus has really helped bring to the forefront our knowledge of this disease. Well, evidently there is a blog now that is conducting a "Blogger Boob-a-thon." You are asked to send in tasteful, discreet pictures of, well, you get the picture by the title of the blog, (I'm not saying that word again in my entry). This blog then posts the pictures and viewers can only see them by donating to the Breast Cancer Fund.

Ok, am I the only one that sees this as a ginormous issue? First off, the 'viewing' of that part of my anatomy is reserved only for medical professionals and my future husband, thank you very much. I have a real issue providing a picture of myself that requires payment to see....sounds a little "prostitute-like" if you ask me. What makes this "acceptable" in the world's eyes is, "hey, it's for a great cause!" So, does that mean if I work the local street corner on the weekends, but donate all my proceeds to International Missions, that makes it ok? I think not.

I'm sure these folks have the best of intentions to raise money for breast cancer research. And, I know many breast cancer survivors, so I'm extremely aware of the good this does. But, have we stooped so low as to have a pay-per-view anatomy parade to get folks to donate?


Rachel said...

I think people that have had breast cancer that allow themselves to be photographed are so courageous. It has nothing to do with sex, in that case, but a statement of what they've been through and how they've survived and are still proud of their bodies and still feel good about themselves. In that case, it's an inspiration. However, on the other hand, photographing breasts purely so male viewers can get off on it, is simply disgusting.

RosieBoo said...

There is nothing more courageous than a cancer survivor...of any kind. The ones I know are amazing.

Katrina said...

I think breasts receive undue attention as it is. What about all those other unsung and neglected body parts who have yet to experience their long-deserved adulation?

I, for one, would pay to see a pictorial collection in honor of the elbow, for example. (And I'm not just saying that because I happen to have lovely elbows...)

RosieBoo said...

I'd like to cast a vote for lips...I'm pretty proud of mine...and they are botox free! :)

Belinda said...

Breasts are just that, breasts. I'm not really sure why North America has such an issue with "above-the-waist" female nudity but in Europe it's not a big deal.

To liken what these women are doing to prostitution is just simply incorrect. They do not receive funds for the showing of their breasts- the charity does.

Just because you personally would not participate in such a fund raising activity does not give you the right to judge them in such a way. You are of course entitled to an opinion, however passing these women off cheap "pay-per-view" objects shows you're ready to use your own upbringing to judge people you don't even know.

You also technically do not know what the men who view this are doing in relation to viewing the photos. Of course there are going to be men who look at these photos just for the sake of looking at breasts. I guarantee that there are also men who genuinely want to help.

Way to go blanketing their whole endevour and making it something dirty.

Whatever your religious convictions and whatever your morals are it doesn't give you the right to pass judgement. If you are the good Christian you claim to be you would know that only God can do that.

Have a good one.