Monday, October 10, 2005

Mattress Flipping

One of the things about being single that can be discouraging are the household challenges you face because you only have one set of arms, eyes, and legs. Among the many things I long for in marriage is not only the obvious perks of a mate, but some of the more practical, albeit selfish, things. Like helping me hang pictures or do something that is easier done by two.

This weekend one of my accomplishments was mattress flipping. Now, this may not seem like a huge deal to some folks, but it is for me. I like to flip my mattress every 3,000 miles or so - or 300 naps - or however you want to calculate it. But, getting that full-size mattress flipped without tearing up my bedroom, or breaking lamps on nightstands can be a challenge. I decided to tackle it once again, and after a few interesting dance steps around my bed, the mattress was flipped. I was so proud! I'm about the only person that would get that excited about mattress flipping.

I'm blessed to have some great male friends I can call upon to do some of the heavy labor stuff that I just can't do. But, I'm not always dependant enough to ask. So, until the day comes I have a man to share my mattress, I'll just rejoice in the fact that I can flip it myself.


Dana said...

Too funny, but I can relate. I used to do that by myself when I was single. A full-size mattress is hard to flip without crashing into everything.

Good job!

RosieBoo said...

Feel free to use a mattress flipping escapade for a future Teensy story!

Katrina said...

Congrats on this achievement--it's no easy task. Sometimes you break lamps even with two people!

I am in awe of all my single friends and the things they've learned to do for themselves--assemble furniture, kill spiders, hook up their own computers, etc.

I love your blog--keep it coming!

Paul said...

I assemble furniture, kill spiders, hook up computers all on my own, and I'm married!!! *hides*

RosieBoo said...


Thanks for the kudos...I love your blog too!


Hmm, better hide quick before your wife finds out all the things you can do! :)