Friday, July 22, 2005

Toothache Theology

I awoke early Thursday morning with a throbbing toothache. I've led a blessed life with only one cavity and all my teeth intact (including all 4 of my wisdom teeth). But this particular morning I experienced a pain I was afraid was coming. Around the first of July, a miniscule chip came off my upper left wisdom tooth. Minding my own business, not eating or chewing anything and poof, out it came. Well, my tooth didn't hurt or feel loose, so I thought I'd deal with it at my next check up. The gap that developed from that tiny chip was a gateway for disaster (and debris) and caused my tooth to get infected.

I've spent two days nursing a horrible toothache and ingesting penicillin and hydrocodone to eliminate the infection and cut the pain. I'm now scheduled for the tooth to be extracted next Thursday after the infection clears up so they can properly numb my mouth for the procedure. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but this toothache has really been a bear.

When I thought about that, I realized what a great comparison this is to my Christian walk. Sin creeps into the smallest crevices of my life to begin to tear me down. It may start by chipping away at a weak area in my life where it can get a hold of me and then, unattended to, it corrupts my life and I suffer the pain from that sin. What started out as such a little thing festers into something that torments me until it is removed.

I'm thankful that God forgives me when I sin. And unlike the hydrocondone that may ease the pain for a moment, Christ's love eases the pain forever. Hopefully when this tooth is gone next week, my pain will be short-lived. But it will always remind me that only God can forgive my sins, heal my hurts, and restore me to life in Him.


Dana said...

Hope your tooth pain gets better, hon! Bless your heart!

RosieBoo said...

Thanks, Dana! I'm drugged up enough that hopefully I'll survive until they yank it out Thursday!