Thursday, July 07, 2005

If You Could See What I See

As I traveled this past holiday weekend to the southern half of the States, I encountered quite a few folks who were visually impaired. Periodically I may see someone with their seeing-eye dog or walking stick, but I would guess that I saw more than 10 folks jetting through airports and walking the streets of the places I visited.

What struck me was their ease in navigating around their locations. Nothing stopped them, and they were fearless. Being a sighted person, except for the corrective contacts I have to wear, encountering airport chaos is something I don't relish when I travel. I can't imagine how much more hesitant I would be if I were visually impaired. I can get overly stressed about what I packed, did I forget something, will I make it to the gate on time, will there be a long line at security. I take for granted that I can see exactly where I'm going.

After observing these brave travelers, it caused me to reflect on a Scripture - 2 Corinithians 5:7, "For we walk by faith, not by sight." These folks can't see where they are going. They are relying on a walking stick, seeing-eye dog, or the arm of another person to guide them. Their trust and faith that these things will help get them to their destination is phenomenal. But, how much more phenomenal is our faith when we trust in a God who knows our every move. My Creator who formed me and knows my weaknesses and fears can lead me better than I can travel on my own. Oh how I long to be so trusting in my Lord so that the "blindness" of my future causes no fear. May I grab hold of the unseen Arm of God and allow Him to take me to the unknown places of blessing He has in store for me.


A.J. said...

You work downtown as well, you haven't seen all the blind people in the city this week? The blind convention ended yesterday here in Louisville, and they have been all over downtown like the past 5 days.

RosieBoo said...

I guess they were all traveling here when I was leaving town...that explains it. :)