Monday, April 18, 2005

Leave a Legacy

There is nothing in this world we can leave that matters, except our legacy. What type of legacy are you leaving?


The attic smells musty as I climb the stairs
I open a box to discover what’s there
Crinkled pages of letters I’ve come upon
Telling stories of love lost and wars won

Smudged words reveal the beliefs in his heart
The stand that he took surely set him apart
Lives were changed as he spoke, so forthright
To direct those straying back to the glorious light

The last words I read from the collection of treasures
Revealed his impact on others, beyond all measure
Someone penned these words so accurately
“He left the world a legacy.”

A portrait hangs proudly upon the wall
Staring at its beauty, her life I recall
Is her image reflected in me?
Does the mirror uncover what others see?

Reaching on the shelf, I pull down a book
Cracking the spine to take a look
Her inscription I read and I shed a tear
Oh how I wish her sweet voice I could hear

Wrapping up in an afghan made by her hands
Remembering her ability to always understand
I walk this journey now with just her memory
“She left the world a legacy.”

Decades will pass on this journey I take
Full of successes and sprinkled with many mistakes
Who will I touch on the traveling road?
Wisdom from all ages is mine to bestow

My time is precious, my moments are few
So many dreams I want to pursue
But if only one vision is mine to partake
Followers of my lead do I wish to make.

Leaves crunch underfoot as he walks to the place
With a bouquet of flowers to add to her vase
He reads her epitaph reflectively
“I left the world a legacy.”


*~*~*~Erica~*~*~* said...

Wow... did you write this?

RosieBoo said...

Yes, I wrote all the poems on the blog

*~*~*~Erica~*~*~* said...

That's awesome, I had no idea that you were such a poet!! I wish I could write like that!! I look forward to reading more!

Denny Burk said...

Dear Rose,

Susan and I are checking out your blog. You are the man! Great poems! Keep 'em coming!

We miss you!

Susan and Denny

P.S. You're a poet, and I didn't know it.

RosieBoo said...

Hey Denny and Susan!

Thanks!...I miss you guys too!!!

Anonymous said...

(Leave a legacy)
She sounds like a virtuous woman.

Are you the legacy that she left? Maybe you wouldn’t think so, but I am sure your friends do.

Great Poem,

Post Script
May I assume the gentleman with flowers has a double meaning or are you a good old fashioned realist?
Thanks for the poem

RosieBoo said...

I would hope that I'm the legacy that was left..the poem speaks of three grandfather, my mother, and hopefully me.

Don't all poems have double meanings? You aren't a good poet unless the meaning of a poem applies differently to different people.