Monday, April 18, 2005


The world longs for satisfaction....where do we find it?


Early one morning I had a plan
Lacing my shoes I took off for a run
Looking for something to fill me up
I headed toward the sun.

As the sunset, my journey came to an end
My body tired and weak
And when I looked inside my soul,
I found not what I did seek

Many a banquet was served to me
Prepared by talented hands
Succulent dishes, all I could eat
Served at my command

As each feast ended and I left the table
My hunger would still remain
Would I ever be satisfied
And this emptiness in me wane?

Music would play continuously
For my heart and ears to hear
I’d never tire of melodies sweet
And to every tune I’d draw near

Then I’d hear the last note of the compositions
As the music would softly fade
No melody would fill my heart
Amidst all the symphonies played.

My life was full of the love of many
I sought to find a mate
Joy filled my heart when I would dream
And for this prince I would wait

But the loves of my life left me
At times, before I let go
And the flame I held for those in my past
Had lost it’s shimmering glow

One day as the sun arose, I stopped my searching
For the things that would satisfy me
When I found true satisfaction in my Savior
The One who loved me beyond degree

No race is fulfilling unless it leads to the cross
No meal fills me like the Bread of Life
No music soothes my soul like the voice of the Master
He’s the Lover of my Soul, putting an end to my strife

My prayer remains thankful for His filling of me
But contains my constant plea
May my Lord remain my satisfaction
But be ever satisfied with me.

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