Tuesday, July 05, 2016

A Round Tuit

My Dad used to carry around a wooden disc with the word TUIT painted on the face of this pseudo coin.  I could always find one in his suit coat pocket when I went digging for a peppermint.  Or on the top of the dresser when he emptied his pants pockets out.  Someone along his work journey gave him this disc to remind him that you needed to get a round tuit.  Or removing the phonetics, "get around to it."  My Dad was the ultimate in Dad humor so he ate this up.

He'd make conversations at gatherings by throwing the coin on a table and asking the person if they knew what it was.  This was a puzzle that could go on for hours and he found it comical to finally have to explain it if they gave up.  I miss his Dad humor.

On Sunday, my friends and I went to Zeggz for lunch/brunch after church.  A quick aside - this restaurant is apparently a competitor for a local favorite, Wild Eggs.  After my first experience, there is no comparison.  Wild Eggs is clearly better, starting with the fact that you have to order off a wall at Zeggz.  (I'll save "ordering off a wall" rant for a future blog post)

As we were eating, I saw a man come in the door that quickly reminded me of my Dad.  His salty gray hair was slicked back, and he was in a suit that was snappy and a bit progressive for a man who looked to be in his 80s.  My Dad had gray hair with touches of his jet black still visible and wore it slicked back.  He also could pull off a stylish suit coat like a champion, wearing pink, yellow and green ones on occasion.

It was a bit surreal, even though this man didn't look a ton like my Dad, there were things about him that reminded me of him.  That's happened a few times and a flood of memories come back, and I miss him so all over again.

While we were finishing our meal, he came over to our table and said, "Now this table looks like a fun group of people" and he gave each of us a yellow Round Tuit.  He and his wife smiled and walked out of the restaurant.  That was about the coolest thing I've had happen in a long time.  I'm now keeping my Round Tuit in my car console so that every time I get in, I think of my Dad.   

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