Monday, February 23, 2015

Lessons Learned from Snowpocalypse 2015

Last week our city was essentially shut down (or on slow motion) as 11 inches of snow fell in the region and then -25 wind chills came in as the icing on the snow.  I spent almost the entire week working from home (thank you technology!) but being a hermit didn't bother me anyway.  Heh.  But, given my time secluded from physical contact, I learned some lessons I thought I'd share.

1.  Our local school system needs to enter the 21st century - Currently along with my full-time job I'm a full-time student, pursuing my MBA.  I should be complete by the end of June (everybody sing Hallelujah!) and I've done my entire studies via online learning.  Being employed because of technology, I love the things technology allows.  As I entered this online learning world, I wasn't sure if I'd like it or if I'd feel like I learned nothing.  Now within three classes of completion, I can tell you, it's extremely educational.  Aside from the content I'm learning, I've also been forced to manage my time without the prod of a face-to-face professor reminding me to get things done.  Some of our local Catholic schools have started leveraging online learning to help on those snow days.  Brilliant.  Why our public school system hasn't adopted this is beyond my understanding.  Does every child have easy access to the Internet?  Probably not, but I'd guess a majority of them do.  Let's take all these so-called lottery earnings we've generated for improved education and equip students with laptops and access.  

2.  Even when I'm home, I still procrastinate - You'd think being cooped up at home would garner motivation to get those niggly household projects completed.  You know, clean out closets, organize shelves, etc.  Alas, it did not.  I had plenty to do to just get through each day.  Working 8+ hours, then doing homework, preparing for teaching at my church and for the upcoming conference I'm speaking at, those never-ending projects still remain.  So that my whole week wouldn't be for naught, I did repair a dining room chair!  The top slats in the chair were loose and I had purchased some wood glue about, oh, 4 months ago (don't judge), and hadn't fixed it yet.  Part of my delay was the need for a "clamp" to hold in the repair for 24 hours to ensure solid seal.  I had a revelation to use shipping tape to wrap around the chair to "clamp" it.  Voila!  Success!  Though no closets were cleaned, I did repair my chair. So there.

3.  I understand better the life of the elderly or home bound - When the week started, I was determined to stay content.  I had a warm home, running water, enough food and Internet.  I was fine.  And really, I enjoyed my time sequestered.  The time hermitized help me realize what it's like for those who are older and won't get out in this type of weather (or who can't) or those who are strictly home bound.  When my Dad and Stepmom were alive, Dad wouldn't venture out in weather under 20 degrees.  I would check on them, bring them things they needed, but they were content in their warm home.  If you wrestle with cabin fever during these times, remember those who are in their "cabins" 24/7 not of their choice.  It will truly make you thankful for the abilities you have.  It did for me.  

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