Friday, March 21, 2014

Veteran Mistake

Last night was the Louisville Cardinals first game, and first victory, of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  The game got started late due to the previous game's overtime and pitted "Mentor against Student" with a face-off between Coach Rick Pitino and Coach Steve Masiello.  Steve was a former player and assistant for Rick and now coaches the Manhattan Jaspers.  It was some kind of cruel irony for that to happen.  

At the half, Rick was interviewed on the performance of the team that kept them way too close at the break.  Russ Smith, Senior leader on the team, had made some misses the first half that didn't help matters.  When asked about Russ, Rick said, "You can't be a veteran and do that."  I love that.  Boom.  You nailed it.  That is going to be my new motivational quote at work.  Success happens when you take your experience and make the right moves.

I've been a follower of Christ since I was 8, which means I've been a believer longer than some have been alive.  That makes me a veteran.  But I still make mistakes.  I still sin.  I still doubt God's faithfulness.  On the basketball court of life, I'll shoot and miss much more than I'll sink a three pointer.  But when I sit down with my Coach, my Savior, at the end of each day, He doesn't say "You can't be a veteran and do that."  Oh, I'm remorseful of sin; I grieve over it.  But my human nature will commit it even when I long to do otherwise.  

No, you see, my Savior says to me, "You are a veteran, but without Me, you will do that."  He says to me, "I forgive you.  Now go out there and defend my Name."  The best position to play in the game we call life is a child of the King.

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