Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Minutes: Choose

Each week Gypsy Mama chooses a word to write about for five minutes. No editing, stream of consciousness. Today's word is: Choose.

Ready. Set. Write.

If I had been given the choice 25 years ago to be where I am today, undoubtedly this is not the what I would have chosen.  But being in my today I can't imagine myself anyplace else.  Oh, I dream often of what life would have been like had I married young and had children.  Or if I'd have chosen a different occupation, or different educational path.  I don't like to live in the what ifs, but in the what nexts of life.  

When I'm left to choose, many times I pick poorly.  I've had a few shopping fails I'd like to have a do over to recover.  I've allowed my choice of words to come out sometimes too quickly and regret that they were uttered.  But when it comes to many things, I choose quickly.  Put me in a store in need of an item of clothing and give me 30 minutes and I'll make the purchase just to get out of the chaos of shopping and back to more exciting things like reading or crafting or spending time with friends over coffee.  

Thinking about the word "choose" I can't help but be thankful that God chose me.  I didn't pursue Him, He pursued me.  He chose me.  He loved me.  Given that choice, with my sinful heart, unless He had pursued me like He did, I wouldn't have succumbed to the loving wooing of my Savior.  The world's shiny objects would have tried to satisfy.  For that choice, I am eternally grateful.


Laura Saint said...

I am stopping by way of FMF. Isn't it wonderful that he chose us, despite every reason not to?! Thanks for reminding us of just how great his love is for us. :)

Melinda Hollis said...

I agree. My choices of 25 years ago were not what I was expecting for today. I like what you said about not living in the what ifs but the what's next. That's a good idea, and I'm going to think about that one a bit more. Have a good day. :)

Melinda (visiting from FMF)