Friday, January 11, 2013

Table Topics: Monopoly Pieces

Monopoly made its debut in 1935 and has had changes over the years in their game tokens.  It started with wooden pawns, and then moved to metal pieces a few years later.  Many pieces have come and gone - the purse, the cannon, the horse - and now the time has come again to vote another piece off the Monopoly island.  I typically thrive with some change, but there are some things in life that should be Monopoly pieces.  

In the day of social media, Hasbro has created a Facebook page for fans to vote on the piece they are content to say toodles to.  Your choices are the race car, iron, wheelbarrow, boot, top hat, thimble, battleship or Scottie dog.  If I had my choices, I'd boot the wheelbarrow, or, the boot.  "Boot the boot!" might be a good campaign.

Now the more exciting question is what piece will be the new replacement?  Given our 21st century world of connectivity, I'd vote a technology - a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet.  But if we "boot the boot" maybe include a nice high heel pump. 

So here's today's Table Topic...

Which current Monopoly piece would you vote off the island?

What new Monopoly piece would you like to see appear in the next edition of the game?

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, and discuss.

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