Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First a Father, Second a President

People who know me best, know that there isn't a lot of things I agree with that our President stands for.  But given recent events, there is something I see in him that I admire.  

From the beginning of his presidency, his two daughters - Malia (14) and Sasha (11) - have not been much in the spotlight.  I remember children of past presidents - Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, The Bush Twins - during their lives at the White House being spotlighted on a regular basis.  It occurred to me during the last election how sheltered Malia and Sasha have been over the course of his first term.  I can only attribute that to the parental edicts and protection Barack and Michelle have made clear to the press and staff at the White House that they not be out front in the media.  Aside from some pictures around the holidays, and a report of them visiting a book store on Black Friday with their Dad, I wouldn't recognize them quickly because they aren't front and center.  A great testament to their role as parents living in the public eye.

Last Friday the country was rocked by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  Children as young as 6 were brutally murdered by a 20-year old shooter who entered the school on a rampage.  As the President addressed the nation shortly after the incident, I saw for the first time a man whose core had been shaken.  He was moved emotionally and I can't help but believe his heart was speaking not only as our President, but first as a Father.  It was the first time in his Presidency, I saw his emotions come out.  And, I couldn't help but reflect back to how his role as Father surely being priority in his life based on the lives of his daughters.

There are many arguments behind what can be done to avoid these tragedies in the future - from gun control to mental health assistance.  Mr. President, I plead with you to go to the Scripture you quoted the day of this tragedy and seek that which will guide your decisions.  Beyond the guns...beyond the mental health challenges....there lies the most important foundational basic....the sanctity of human life.  We weep over the loss of these precious young ones - many as young as six.  Yet, 7 years ago, if the mother carrying these young ones wanted to, she could have ended their lives, with the world praising her ability to choose.  Mr. President, may we begin to cherish and recognize life from the moment of conception and turn our country toward the basic truth - Life is a precious gift.

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