Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Table Topic - Jeopardy

A couple of weeks ago some friends of mine decided to try out to be a contestant on Jeopardy. I love that show even though I rarely ace all the questions. It's educational and informative and I just enjoy phrasing answers in the form of a question. When we were preparing for the show, the discussion ensued about what categories would you want to see pop up on the board if you were an actual contestant. I have quite a few that would spark confidence in my heart if Alex announced the titles and they lit up the board. Here are just a few...

The Bible, Old Testament, New Testament - I'm not a seminary graduate, but on a show like this, even the basics of biblical knowledge make you look like a genius.

The 80's - I'd be happy with 80's music, 80's movies, or simply a generic 80's category. The 80's were my decade. I graduated high school in the 80s and still love the music. And, movies like Top Gun, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Ferris Bueller's Day Off are extremely quotable for me.

Movie Musicals - I simply adore movie musicals. The actors are engaging right along and then, poof!, they break in to song. Sometimes I wish I did that in everyday life. I know every line and every note of The Sound of Music. I never tire of watching a good movie musical. And, even the new ones, like Moulin Rouge and Mamma Mia, catch my fancy.

Technology - I'm a geek. Sometimes a closet one. But I've worked in technology for almost 20 years, so if there is trivia to be had, I should know it.

Now the question is to you....

"What Jeopardy topics would you want to see if you were an actual contestant on the show?"

Alex, I'll take "Table Topics" for $600....

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