Thursday, October 29, 2009

People Think We're Crazy

Last weekend was OPC Getaway Chattanooga style. Before I recap the weekend, I have to address the question everyone asks..."What is an OPC?" That's not really important...the definition of an OPC lies mainly within the relationship we have. It's steeped in a heritage that spans decades. From our parents or grandparents, we all have a thread that binds us together and God made the friendships unite. If you've ever watched Steel Magnolias, I'd say that our friendship mirrors the lives of those southern ladies in some ways. We are there through thick and thin....births, deaths, sickness, tragedies, celebrations, weddings, break ups. You just can't "make" friendships like that...they are born from God's Providential plan. I thank God regularly for the blessings I have in the deep-rooted friendships of Amy, Beth, Christie and Tracy (Listed in alphabetical order so as not to elevate one higher than the other)

Tracy and Chad now live in Georgia with their sweet baby girl, Allison, yet we stay so well connected that I hardly know they aren't here anymore...until we get to see them and spend time with them, then I go through withdrawals. Chattanooga is the perfect point halfway between here and there allowing for an easy way to meet up and have uninterrupted quality time. When we planned this jaunt, I went on the hunt for just the right hotel and found the "sweetest suite" at Staybridge Suites. For $27 per person, we had a luxurious two-bedroom suite, complete with living room, flat screen TVs, kitchenette and two bathrooms. Chad and Tracy had their own bedroom and bathroom making it perfect to bring Allison along.

Recapping the weekend is a tough challenge. It's just one of those things you experience that is hard to put into words...but, since I'm wordy, I'll do my best to summarize a few of my favorite things...
  • The road trip with Amy, Beth and Christie - We hopped into my Bluebelle and took off down the highway. I love a good road trip...full of laughter, singing, and great conversations. Thank goodness my car can't talk.
  • Seeing Alllison Ruth - That baby couldn't have been more loved than she was in the 24 hours or so we were with her. I got to feed her a bottle was like the baby lottery to see who would get to feed her, dress her, hold her. And, we were able to celebrate her six-month birthday!
  • Good food - What is a vacation without good food? We had mexican more than once, an outstanding continental breakfast at the hotel, and a Carol cake. What is a Carol cake? A delectable cake made by Tracy's Mom...a favorite of Chad. She takes very good care of us, sending along plates, forks and napkins to make our party complete.
  • Random OPC groupings - The beauty of a weekend like this is how throughout our various activities we all end up to have time with certain OPCs, changing the dynamic. I'm always fascinated by this. Whether it's while someone is taking a shower, or two of us are out doing something while the rest of the gang is together, the providence of that, coupled with the conversations that take place are priceless. Conversations in shopping center parking lots....late night talks while we're trying to go to sleep...early morning pow wows while we're getting ready...breakfast table topics. All are memorable.
  • Quality, unhindered time with my girls - Even though four of the five OPCs live in the same town, getting us all together can be challenging. I cherish the time I get to share with them...unimpeded, continual time. Time where we laugh, share our hearts and are honest...knowing we'll always love and be there for each other.
  • The Vegas Moments - You know the slogan "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." There are many things that fall into the "What happened in Chattanooga, stays in Chattanooga." And that's all I'll say about that.

People think we're crazy. Why? We drive five hours to spend one night to drive five hours the next day just to spend time together doing nothing noteworthy. Oh, how wrong those people are. We may be crazy...but I'd do it every weekend if I could. If I had to rate this weekend, I'd give it a 9.9...I'd give it a 10 if it never ended.

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Amy said...

Breakfast. table. topics. Bwah ha ha!!!!
And "trying to fall asleep" topics...Wow. I gotta learn to fall asleep faster, like Beth. Being the last one up is like truth serum....LOL.