Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making it Through Mothers' Day

Each year when Mothers' Day rolls around, it's always a challenging time for me. I lost my Mom almost nine years ago and the day always carries a void. Couple that with the fact that I am not a Mom and I get a double whammy. Now, lest you fall into depression merely two lines into my post, it's not as dire as it sounds. I've had the privilege of pouring into the lives of many wonderful girls as their spiritual mother and know I'll do that until God calls me home. The fact that I'll never have a biological child is not something that wears me down because I see the benefit of having more "children" than I could ever bear. And, even on a day without one of my best friends ever, my Mom, her memory keeps me going. I want to be just like her in every way. The fit of giggles we'd have....her love for people and serving them...her boldness to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, even in a public restroom...her unconditional love for my Dad...and most importantly, her devotion to God, even in the end.

This year I seemed to dread the day more. Maybe because the memories begin to fade and I want to hold tightly to them more, even though I know each day I'm one day closer to reuniting with her again. But the coolest thing of all is that when those down times come, God always steps in to lighten my load. That very thing happened this weekend.

My friend, Liz, was coming to visit on her way to another destination and I had the blessing of hosting her in my home over Mothers' Day weekend. I hadn't been face to face with Liz since she moved to Charleston, SC, two years ago so it was a sweet time of getting to talk and share late into the night as opposed to our phone calls, text messages and Facebook encounters that are limiting. Blessing number one for the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, I got a frantic call from my friend, Julie. Apparently her husband, Rod, had not thought of sending his Mom anything until that day, which was a bit too late. Since Rod's parents live here, she was hoping I could go buy some flowers and deliver them to her house. I love a good mission!...especially when it involves making a Mom happy and rescuing a brother. Off to Kroger I went with Julie on my bluetooth (we go everywhere together at times). Once I found suitable flowers, I sent her a photo to make sure we were good on the flower selection and hopped in my delivery-mobile to drop off the goods. A bonus!...Rod's Dad was outside and I was able to give them to him and add a personal touch. Mission accomplished....Blessing number two for the weekend.

After making my flower delivery, I headed to the home of Kyle and Ashley, where my houseguest was hanging out. Liz had plans for the evening and seeing it was an absolutely gorgeous day, Kyle and Ashley were going to take their girls to the park. Kyle invited me to go along and I graciously accepted....spending time with that family makes me smile. And quality time with Kyle and Ashley is always refreshing. A trip to the park, with Qdoba in hand, and two little girls on the playground....doesn't get much better than that. Blessing number three for the weekend.

As I reflected back on my weekend, I longed to be able to just have a long talk with my Mom...the priceless blessing in my life. Share with her what's happened in the last nine years.....fill her in on all of the unbelieveable things in my life right now that would make her smile and bust out with the giggles....and thank her just one more time for never giving up on having a child. Those long 18 years of waiting could have caused her to give up and stop trying. But she didn't. And for my life, I'm forever grateful.


Denny Burk said...

Hey, Rose. This is a sweet post. Thanks for sharing. God is faithful!

lizlockwood said...

Thanks for being the hostess-with-the-mostess on a weekend that you could have chosen to cater only to yourself.

Love ya!

Julie said...

Hey Sweet Pea,

That bailing us out would serve in any way as a blessing to you is just truly astounding. Really. It is.

And Clayton (and Jackson) wants to remind you that you may not be a Mommy, but they so love Aunt Rose!!!! And I love your attention and example to/for them.

Your mother left all of us an amazing legacy in you!! <3

Love you! xox