Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why I Love Preschoolers

Last Sunday night I had the opportunity to work with the 3s and 4s in our preschool ministry during our evening service with my friend, Amy. Since I'm not a Mommy, hanging out with these little ones can be a joy because, well, after an hour or so, my responsibility is over. I get to enjoy the fun stuff. Sunday night was an exceptionally fun night and caused me to reflect on a few reasons why I love preschoolers...or at least 3s and 4s....

1. They can "go potty" all by themselves...or pretty much fly solo. Although I'm not a Mommy, I've changed a few diapers in my day and being able to let a little one visit the bathroom without much assistance is glorious.

2. They think I'm hilarious. I love a captive audience. Sunday night, Amy read the story of David and Goliath. As she read certain words, I'd make hand motions or sound effects to go along with the drama of the story. Every time I'd act out "army" the girls would roll in the floor giggling. No, it isn't that funny, but to them, I'm the best thing since the last Disney movie they watched.

3. Their short little lives seem long. Their lives move at a snails pace to them and they savor every moment. Karis said, "I've had SOOOO many birthdays!" I had to chuckle to myself and think, "Honey, you have no idea..." I said, "Wow, Karis, how many birthdays have you had?" She dramatically held up her fingers and said "Three Years!!" I'll ask her in 30 years if she feels like she's had so many birthdays.

4. They give unconditional love. Maddie is full of expression and loves to tell stories. Her bouncy blond curls make her one of the most engaging little ones in there. Usually at this age, they aren't much for cuddling and are starting to shy away from the lovable huggable ways of their younger years. Not Maddie. I can always count on her for a hug. I asked her if she wanted to come home with me and with her gigantic smile and hug around my neck, she said, "Yes!"

5. You get priceless conversations like these....Amy and I were having an adult conversation while sitting with the kids and molding Play-doh,...

Amy: "When kids get older, motherhood becomes more of a duty"
Gracie: (GASPS) "That is a bad word!!"
Amy: "No, no Gracie, we're talking about 'responsibility'"

Obviously, in Gracie's house, the word "dooty" describes a bodily function and she's been instructed not to say it. Try explaining to a 4-year old about homophones.

The next time you are caught with a preschooler for an hour or so, sit back and enjoy the moment. It passes oh so quickly.


Katrina said...

I love that age! (Of course, I love all the ages--so far! Talk to me again when I have teenagers....)

Amy said...

I told you about the time we did homophones with word rods in my classroom, right? You would not believe how creative 5th grade boys can be when it's time to build words! Things I'll never do again while teaching...lol...
Kids are awesome, and so are you. :)

Rhonda said...

Amy and I did nursery the first weekend of July and I was so very glad to have her in there. Even 3-4 years old girls are catty. Who'd have thought??

One girl told me "I'm tough as dirt!" and showed me the shorts underneath her dress.

Maddie was fascinated with the hanging ribbons that tended to poke out of the shoulders of my dress. The reminded her that her mom wears a "brawl" and made her giggle.

Kids are fun.