Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today as I drove in to work, the news came on the radio about a lockdown at a local high school. I'm amazed at how this phenomenon seems to be accelerating across our educational institutions.

I remember in the late 90's the rash of this sort of thing. First, in my home state of Kentucky, Heath High School in Paducah lost 3 students after Michael Carneal broke out in fire on a group of praying students. Then 12 students lost their lives 2 years later at Columbine High School near Denver, Colorado. I fear we are repeating those years with the recent Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois shootings. What I fear most, though, is what happened to end this pattern for close to a decade.

It seemed that as the new millenium started, the violence would grow. Then 9/11 happened. And, all of a sudden, life was valued again. Now, I don't know if the murder and crime rates went down significantly, but for about 5 years, we didn't see this type of mass murder in the everyday news. My perception was the United States had seen foreign invaders destroy our innocent lives here and we weren't of a mindset to "kill our own" after that bloodbath. Since these shootings are gearing up again and growing closer and closer together, I just wonder if it will take another major terrorist attack for our American society to realize the value of life.

There is a lot of debate about the sanctity of life as it relates to abortion. I'm opposed to abortion, but this post goes beyond that. When will we begin to see life valuable at all stages? The young people of America who will be our future leaders. The senior population that are aging and looked upon to some as a nuisance or non-contributory. Those who are physically or mentally challenged that some believe have no value to society. It's a sad state of affairs that we, as a country, seem to ignore the beauty of life breathed by our Creator if it doesn't fit our mold.

Unfortunately, the presidential candidate that is probably the one I feel has the best grasp on life value, Mr. Huckabee, is slowly losing his place in the Republican race. That begs the question. Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. McCain, I've heard your platforms on healthcare and taxation. Those hot topics get you great media coverage. But, tell me, what is your plan to move our country towards valuing life...all life?


Anonymous said...

I read your mention of the Paducah shooting. I am writing a book with Missy Jenkins on her remarkable life since she was shot and paralyzed that day. The book should be coming out in the fall. I think you'd enjoy it given your "Glass is half full" outlook on life. I can send you an email when it comes out, if you'd like.

Bill Croyle

mamatutwo said...

Amen! My husband and I talk about this all of the time--the fact that only youth (with the lack of experience that comes with it) is valued in our country. I know many who thought that it was a sad thing that Pope John Paul remained pope until his death and that he "hung on" so long. I think that it was a great lesson about how valuable life is all the way through. All I can say is, Amen. I hope that there are more out there who believe as we do and that more start to come around.

Alisa said...

Boy was this timely for me. We are dealing with hubby's mom who has dementia. Most caregivers are compassionate, but some approach her as someone who's "just waiting to die."

McCain wasn't my choice either, but he at least has been consistently prolife (exception I think is stem cells). I'll probably hold my nose and vote for him in November.

Amy said...

Go, girl. It transcends politics. It's like a whole worldview. When you've got babies in toilets, daddies throwing children off bridges, and poor quality of care at many retirement homes, it just makes the soul ache. At what point did we convince ourselves that people are expendable???

Jules said...

WHEW. This is just one of those things that hits that nerve...I will never know my birth mother...but I KNOW that she originally went to the doctor that delivered me to get an abortion. He wouldn't do it, and talked with his pastor about it...who knew my parents wanted to adopt...and so there you have it. Here I am. Wish I could thank her for that.

Sadly enough, today there was a headline about two teen boys who hired a hit man to take out their parents for $260...because the parents were too strict. TWO-HUNDRED-SIXTY dollars. "Hey dude, I'll make your car payment if you knock off my mom and dad." Pathetic.

Another moment of hysteria that was caused by a freak of nature with no value of life was the Virginia sniper...remember that nonsense??? We have friends whose daughter was about 11 or 12 at the time. One day they were at a Home Depot...before the sniper was caught...and that poor girl kept darting around the parking skipping and weaving as they were walking to their car, and her Dad asked, "WHAT are you DOING?" And she said, "If that sniper's around, I don't want him to have a clear shot." I'm sure someone will see some kind of twisted humor in that, but how sad is it that she will one day have that kind of story to tell her kids...:o(