Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Build Me an Arky, Arky

This weekend I saw Evan Almighty with some friends. My first choice would have been Ratatouille, but given one of the attendees is a Mom, she said, "Can we please not see a movie I'll see with my kids, then see every day for a year when the DVD comes out?" So, since this was a last minute idea, our options were limited, and we chose the latest "Almighty" movie.

I went in with low expectations, which is probably the way you should always enter a theater, and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did the movie keep the Biblical account of Noah intact, it was just plain hilarious. Wanda Sykes is a scream. Her quick commentary made me literally laugh out loud. When Evan's hair kept growing and he finally showed up at work, she said, "What are you doing comin' in here looking like a Bee Gee?" Not as funny unless you are experiencing her delivery on screen.

If you are looking for a family-friendly movie, this one is it. Very little, if any, profanity, and a good lesson wrapped up in a flood. The nice lessons in the movie about acts of random kindness and a modern-day retelling of the story of Noah are definite plusses. I'm always a little concerned about how Hollywood will portray a Biblical story, but they get an A+ on this one.

My favorite line happened when God was continuing his plea to Evan to build this ark. Evan said, "You see, God, I have these plans." God bursts with laughter and says "Your plans?! Your plans?!" How appropriate. Now, every time I pray and say, "You see, God, my plan for my life is...." I get this visual of God just bustin' out with a hearty guffaw. He knows my plans don't hold a candle to what He has in store for me. Since He sees the complete picture, He is way more advantaged than me.

One of Evan's sidekicks is a young man named Eugene, but referred to as "the human search engine." Rumors are he's the candidate for the next "Almighty" feature film. Hmm, how about Moses?...anyone? anyone?

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