Thursday, May 31, 2007

Top Five Movies Starring 2008 Presidential Candidates

5. Bedtime for Branch - Former Senator Fred Thompson steps away from his role as Branch on Law & Order to pursue a run for the next election. He organizes a committee, Friends of Fred, and hires a chimpanzee as his campaign chairman.

4. Mrs. Clinton Goes to Washington - Senator Hilary Clinton marches toward the White House in this Capra-esque film. She encounters intrigue, corruption, mystery....hmm, sounds like another Clinton we know. Co-starring Monica Lewinsky as the evil villianness.

3. Romney and Rudy's High School Reunion - Years after they graduated, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani head to their high school reunion. While there, they spread rumors about their alleged claims to fame - Rudy invented the Internet and Romney invented Google.

2. I Heart Huckabee - As Mike Huckabee heads out on the campaign trail, a group of Arkansas natives form the "I Heart Huckabee" fan club. This team of Razorbacks slap bumperstickers on anything they find and convince the world that not all men from Hope, Arkansas are bad.

1. Ali Obama and the Forty Thieves - Barack Obama (Gesundheit!) leads a pack of 40 thieves to fight for the freedom of the land from the evildoers. Little does he know that those 40 thieves are really 40 of his own Congressmen.


Jules said...

"Barack Obama (Gesundheit!)..."



Alisa said...

Too cute, Rosie. [Oh and by the way, the phone call routine - classic!]