Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Smart TV

Back in the Spring, I started watching Alias. Now, granted, the last season of the series ended in the Spring, but I was starting from ground zero, Season 1. From the pilot, I was hooked. It was smart tv. A show that made me sit on the edge of my seat, and try to figure out all that is going on that isn't clear. It was like watching a puzzle on my tv screen. I like to watch televison for mindless entertainment at times, but I enjoy a good show that shakes the cobwebs in my brain.

I've finished Season 2 and am taking a hiatus (I'm so Hollywood at times) before continuing with the storyline. Season 2 ended with quite a shocker so I'm savoring it a little while longer. I know that in 3 more seasons, Alias will be over for me.

Given my love of Alias, I decided to find a new show this Fall I could watch that would challenge my mind. Since the late 90's, I haven't watched a lot of network TV (other than a few Reality shows) but I decided to check out the new offerings. After watching week one of a few shows, it was a no-brainer that my Fall TV romance was going to be with Heroes.

For those who haven't seen it, the show consists of random people who have supernatural powers, such as flying, time/space teleporting, mind-reading, and other odd gifts, like painting the future. To explain it any further would require a long conversation. There are many different plots running simultaneously and characters referred to as "HRG" (Horn-Rimmed Glasses) that require a full dissertation on their dossier.

I'm hooked. They had me at the Pilot episode. As a viewer, I know enough to follow the show yet don't know enough to figure out everything that is going on. I'm even geeky enough to tape it so I can watch it again to catch anything I might have missed. The show's creator and producer, Tim Kring, is doing an excellent job with subtle nuances that I'm sure will play a bigger role later.

A lot of folks are complaining that it is an X-Men ripoff or just a lame attempt at a Marvel Comics repeat. Come on people, television isn't rocket science, but appreciate the fact that it is at least Chemistry I level. And, may I remind those same people, JJ Abrams got a lot of flack about making Alias too complex, even being challenged to dumb the show down for better ratings. Thankfully he stuck to his guns.

You can catch all the episodes on NBC.com in their entirety if you want to catch up. Then you can join in the discussions of "Who is Sylar?" "Can Peter really fly?" "What's up with HRG?" "How many hours until next Monday night's episode?"


Alisa said...

As you know, I'm Hooked on Heroes too!!! Hubby wanted to watch Country Music yesterday, so I watched on nbc.com this AM. The hour feels like 15 minutes. I'm always left wanting more. BTW, check out Ugly Betty, it's worthwhile too.

Lorie said...

I know! I'm loving that show as well. And Ugly Betty is nice.

Let me just say it again, the season finale of Season 2 of ALIAS is the best of its kind in TV history. Glad you're enjoying it.

RosieBoo said...

I love the fact that I can watch any previous Heroes episode online. What glorious technology!

It'll be hard to top Season 2 Alias...maybe that's why I'm slow to get to Season 3...