Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Table Topic: Childhood Playtime

I recently began reading the book, "The Measure of Success" by Carolyn McCulley and Nora Shank.  This book provides a biblical perspective on work and what that means for women.  Carolyn is a never-married single woman and Nora is a married mom who works.  So far, this has been a very insightful book, affirming my love of career.  

Would I rather be CEO of a home and raising a family?  Sure, but that isn't where God has me.  This book helps me see what Scripture says about the importance of working - inside and outside the home - for women.  It's freeing to dig into this topic since, on some days, being a single woman can be discouraging.  All women, no matter where they work, have important roles.  Carolyn shared an interesting story about her childhood that has stayed with me.  She never played house.  Looking back on that realization made her evaluate where she is in her life and if that was by design in some way.  I found that tidbit fascinating!  

Reflecting on my childhood, I played house in church nursery (probably) and in kindergarten....at least until Jimmie Walker made me mad and I quit playing.  But when I was home playing, I played one of three things - teacher, store owner, or prairie woman.  I would sit up my stuffed animals and teach them, and make up stories.  I had a cash register from Fisher Price that I LOVED and would play general store all.the.time.  And, when I'd play outside (when I wasn't swinging so high my swing set almost overturned) I'd play "Little Woman on the Prairie" trying to survive.  I would collect leaves and nuts and decide how I was feeding myself.  

Granted, I was an only child, so I played a lot by myself, but I could have just as easily played house (I had a kitchen set) as the next girl.  But, I'd grow weary of that and head to my cash register.  Could that have been my desires playing out (pun intended) of where my strengths would lie?  Maybe.  

That brings us to today's Table Topic:  What did you love to play as a child and is it a reflection of what you enjoy doing today?

Ready, Set, Play!

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